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    Land Of Bears - Where Nothing Is Boring

    Two girls toddlers aged 2.7 and 1.7. Living with loving parents who are doing their best to raise smart, loving, educated children with the Husband hoping for tennis doubles. Most posts are about their milestones and antics with a scattering of recipes and Mommy nonsense. ...more


    Mom of 5 chronicles daily life in Langanland:  where every day is an adventure. ...more

    Langer Loksh

    An honest blog about what it feels like when your baby comes out healthy but crooked. And a bunch of other stuff too. ...more


    Grew up in LA.  Did the Hollywood thing.  Took on NY at 20.  Ended up working at a .com in Santa Monica during the internet hullabulloo.   Those were good times (well, except for getting coffee for asshole celebrities and the whole internet bubble bursting.)   Never imagined I'd be working from my basement in the suburbs.   With a baby.  While my husband went downtown to work.  But here I am -- very happy, but very off my game.  My blog is my journal as I figure out how to be a working mom while remembering my own. ...more

    Laptop Television Mom

    Just trying to squeeze in some television between mothering, working and crashing. ...more

    Larger Family Life

    A mother of seven blogs about living life the large family way. ...more

    Lasso the Moon

    Location Texas United States See map: Google Maps I make things, raise kids, and fix dinner when I can't avoid it.  This blog is about balancing life with creativity, excellence, and humor. ...more

    Last Call for Vitriol

    Last Call for Vitriol is full of dirty diapers and belly laughs! At times bawdy, occasionally moody, I am navigating new motherhood and trying to keep my poop in a group. I use my blog as a spot to vent about trying to raise my baby without the support of my family (my parents are both deceased) in a smallish town. I am guilty of complaining about my inlaws, yogurt commercials and rude playgroup mommies.  Sometimes I even include my drawings! I'm really just looking for kindred souls out in the Internetz to pat my back and pass the scotch (even if it's only figuratively.)...more

    Late Enough

    Your Recommended Daily Allowance of Baby Poop and Liberal Bias by Alex Iwashyna, a happily married mom of two children with a BA in Political Philosophy and a Medical Degree and the drive to become neither....more

    Late Mommy's Blog

    A blog about reading & literacy, mommyhood, childhood, and my 'hood. ...more

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