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    Learning to be the Light

    A little bit lifestyle and a little bit inspiration. Learning to be the light is a blog focused on extending love instead of judgment -- learning to be the light in other people's worlds...more

    Learning to Eat Allergy Free - Multiple Food Allergies

    Finding allergen-free food solutions for busy families....more

    Learning to Juggle

    My blog is part journal, particularly about my two volunteering gigs: at a parrot rescue and my local library. Part pontificating about travel, finances, pretending to go green, and other things I read online. Generally, I like books better than TV, TV better than movies and animals better than people. I live outside of Chicago. ...more

    Learning to Walk in Heels

    I'm a single mama who believes in living simply, loving big, working hard, and playing harder. Life is beautiful and to be lived and enjoyed - I try to keep this in mind every moment.  This blog chronicles the ups and downs, joys and heartbreaks, and breathtaking moments of my journey through words, poetry, photos and, occasionally, videos.  ...more

    Learning Vicariously

    Eclectic Preschool Activities at Home....more

    Lee-Ann's Crazy Life

    A day in my life...always lots of fun! 3 kids, 2 cats, and man that can't pick up after himself! ...more

    Leese Ramblings

    My blog is mostly about my family and daily life. I like to talk about the funny things my kids (and husband) do, and also my job and friends. ...more

    Left Brain Buddha

    We’re bringing mindful practice and parenting into left-brain, analytical lives! At Left Brain Buddha I explore ideas and practices for mindfulness, and share the challenges and riches in my journey to live and parent mindfully. I encourage you to discover the amazing transformations that can occur when we not only indulge, but learn to tame, our monkey minds....more

    Left Coast Mama

    A little bit of my life. A little bit about my son, books I have read, things that percolate about in my brain. ...more

    Left Coast Mom

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