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    My Wise Mom

    The world encourages a certain way of life for our kids. Lazy bodies, chemically laden nutrition, and poor manners. I’m a mom on a mission to teach my kids more. This is my journey in raising happy, healthy, organically-grown kids....more

    My Wish For You

    Enjoy the journey!...more

    My Year To Get Skinny - The Diary of a Fat Girl

    The Diary of a Chubby Mama. Bitching, venting, eating, exercising, and getting to my goal weight. This is my year to be able to walk into any store and be able to buy a pair pants. No more fat girl stores! No more shopping in the "Plus Size" section. No More! ...more

    my {} experiment

    "All life is an experiment... the more experiments you make, the better." This is my blog to chronicle those random experiments in our kitchen, our home, and in our lives......more


    I write about parenting from the perspective of a social worker turned at-home mom....more

    Myatt Family Jewels

    Highlights from my seemingly normal everyday life with a husband, a 2 year old, and a baby on the way. ...more


    I am a married 26 year old living with two crazy dogs! ...more

    MyEmbroideredGifts Blog

    MyEmbroideredGifts Blog is my blog about running a work-at-home embroidery business while keeping a household running also. I try to blog about the good, the bad and the ugly of working from home. ...more


    My pursuit of happiness. Blog of a techy workaholic turned wife to a wonderful man and SAHM to a lovely daughter. Believes in being green, good food, quality for less and newbie @ digital photography ...more

    MyNeChimKi: The Blog

    MyNeChimKi: The Blog is an all encompassing review of things I find interesting.  There's a little bit of everything hanging around in the archives.  It is a reflection of the true Renaissance Woman that I am. ...more

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