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    Maggie Amada - Ramblings of a Wife, Mom, Writer and Programmer

    Observations of a mother who juggles marriage, IT career, and two amazing daughters while living with extended family and their various issues (which sometimes seem like extra people). ...more

    Maggie N Willy

    Hello! Just little thoughts, laughs, or vents to share. And lots of stories about my puppies. ...more

    Maggies Clubs Blog

    Are you involved with Mothers clubs, either as a leader or a member? If so is for you. provides you and your members fun activities, cool ...more

    Magnolia Mom

    My blog is about my life as a mom and a teacher. Nothing real fancy dancy, just me! ...more

    Magnolias and Sunshine

    Hi Yall!  I'm a Southern girl and stay at home Mom who loves to chat, create, and share my opinion on the randomness of life.  I love comments and appreciate each and every one of my readers... even the lurkers! {hugs} Holly ...more

    Magpie Girl

    Magpie Girl was launched in Winter 2006 when I decided to be a real-live-grown-up artist and moved into an official studio. There, in a room of my own, I started working more consistently on writing projects, collage, and an eclectic collection of handmade projects. I’m a bit of a flibbertigibbet and get easily distracted by the next sparkly idea that’s out there, so stop by often to see what’s new! ...more

    Magpie Ima My new blog is a bit of everything. As a Jewish homeschooling mom, part time ESL teacher and a "maker of things" there's plenty to write about including knitting, Ju ...more

    MAID in Alaska

    Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Recipes, Wife, Mother, and Psoriatic Arthritis Warrior...more

    MAinfo-44-y-o mother of 6 children, ages 7 months to 20 years shares thoughts

    I am a mom of 6 children. My daughter, the oldest, is in college and my 5 sons are young yet. The baby is breastfeeding at 7 months. The other sons are 3, 5, 9 and 17. They are not all from the same marriage. ;-) ...more

    Mainstream Parenting Resources

    Written by a family physician, this blog takes a critical look at the science (or, more often, the lack thereof) behind the claims of Attachment Parenting gurus and devotees. ...more

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