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    My blog offers an account of what it's like living in a secluded cabin in the Western North Carolina mountains with my family.  Kids, relationships, food, movies, music, and life in the wilderness are common topics....more

    Extended site supporting the goddess room.... ...more

    Near Normalcy

    Near Normalcy, and staying there one Zoloft at a time. I'm a mom and a writer.  Chronically amused, clinically depressed.  Some of these things may be related. I blog about motherhood, depression, and the general absurdities of life.  Depression isn't funny; life is funny, and life should be funny, even when you're depressed.  Especially when you're depressed.  If anybody needs a good laugh, it's us....more


    We are two sisters-friends-survivors-overcomers.  We grew up in a terribly typical American suburb, just outside a major US city, which allowed us to be exposed to people/places that were culturally rich and varied.  We are, and were encouraged to be, avid readers and to study and uncover the many mysteries of life; we are both partial to history, especially autobiographies.  So, it’s both surprising, and not so surprising that we would come to the point when we would want to do some autobiographical writing of our own. We’re writing because we’re interested in learni...more

    Nebraska Views

    A blog about my quilting journey, my life on a Nebraska farm and a bit about my family too.   ...more

    Negative Lane

    Feminist. Mom. Trophy Wife. Master Teacher. History Goddess. Traveler. Avid Reader/Book Nerd. Procrastinator. Indie Music Fan. Hiker. Mountain Biker. Reluctant Runner. Pet Lover. Writer. Recovering Infertile. Loud. Bossy. Caffeine Junkie. Chocoholic. TV Addict. Reckless. Fearless. (Except regarding spiders, sharks and zealots.) ...more

    Neither Here Nor There

    Adult adoptee in reunion for 2 decades ...more

    Nellbe's Scribblings

    Mummy blog that has stuff about food and craft too. ...more

    Nellie's Cottage Retreat

    Location Nellie's Cottage 265 East Courtland Vidor, Texas United States See map: Google Maps Nellie's Cottage is a charming retreat cottage with unique history that dates back to 1938 when my grandparents started over after the depression. Nellie's Cottage is the perfect place for scrapbooking & quilting retreats, girlfriend weekends, bridal & baby showers, slumber parties, and small events. I love family and all things creative. I blog a bit about family, life, scrapbooking, crafting, decorating and recipes....more

    Nenni's World

    The ramblings of me. My thoughts, experiences, and opinions on all areas of my life. ...more

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