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    Neptunebaby Dot Com

    My blog is all about me and my family. I also do some advertising on my site. ...more


    Location Cleveland, OH United States See map: Google Maps What started as a way to record my feelings about my surprise pregnancy turned into a place to share my thoughts and concerns about raising our little geekling.  You see, our son  doesn't have a choice but to be a tiny geek--he's being raised by a couple of very, very nerdy people.  We're vaguely terrified he'll turn out to like sports or trucks or some other unspeakable horror that is completely outside our sphere of experience....more

    nerdy apple bottom

    Cop's Wife refuses to remain silent......more

    Nervous Breakdowns are Highly Underrated

    My blog about parenting after infertility, being a WAHM, and spirituality ...more

    NestAche | Stories of Letting Go, Twenty Years of Therapy and Mid-Life (If I Live To Be 116)

    Location Fayetteville, Arkansas United States See map: Google Maps Since my eighteen year old son left for college this year, I have been dealing with what others have called empty nest. I don’t find it a continuous feeling. It is more like a headache or a stomachache. It comes and goes. It’s NestAche. It’s brought on by a text or a phone call or the lack of a phone call. It comes from not having that kind of energy that only youth can bring into your home. It comes from the den just being too damn clean or finding some dirty sock under the pillows of the sofa....more

    NetWorking Witches

    Networking Witches started as a duo of virtual managers for a now defunct children’s virtual world. The Networking Witches team, went on their own to create the “mommy blog” Networking Witches. Taking a step to the side and braving a new world with a name that isn’t politically correct and creating their own Mom Marketing website, Joie Betterly (aka Winter Witch) and Rose Green (Redneck Witch) have worked tirelessly to make the company a success....more

    NetWorkingWitches consists of not 1, but 2 Moms. Double the pleasure? Nah, that's taken. But our postings vary day to day, and we'll be happy to "meet" you. We're a little new to the blogosphere, however we're fast learners, and *cough* we think we might be doing well!  ...more


    I’m a mom, a wife and a lawyer.  In my spare time (yeah, right) I like to dabble in various crafty-type projects that go largely unfinished.  Then, after all that, I try to make sure that the dishes and laundry get done....more

    Never A Dull Moment

    Never A Dull Moment describes the life and home of Dr. Gilboa, a part-time family doctor and full-time mom of four boys!  Dr. G spends a little time musing about the triumphs and struggles of parenting and a lot of time answering parenting questions from readers....more

    Never Be the Same

    Thoughts on the transition to motherhood, recovering from PPD, and the life of a new family. Like they say, your life will never be the same....more

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