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    Paper Hope

    Author and real mom, Tamra Wade, uses her personal journals from her teen-aged years to encourage teens and moms to get on the same side. The relationship doesn't have to be a battlefield. Wade takes lessons straight from the teens she calls her 'street team' and her own teen-aged daughter.  "It wasn't an easy decision for me to put them out there, but my hope is that they can be used as a tool by mothers and daughters to start those critical conversations."  ...more
  • Paradise Preoccupied

    Views of the world from a tiny African island through the eyes of an expat island-dwelling, impatient and opinionated wife, mother, writer, adoption advocate, sun-worshipping ...more

    Paradise Preoccupied follows adoption issues and news of the world from a sun-drenched veranda ...more

    Pardon My Poppet ~ Pip Squeaks from the Mummy-verse!

    After 12 years of struggling with infertility I found myself pleaseantly, and unexpectedly surprised by my pregnancy.  At 35, upon giving birth to our beautiful daughter,  I was finally, legitimately, able to enter the world of Mommy Blogging.  It took me just over a year to wrap my mind around how to continue to have a life of my own while being a Mum, and here we are!...more

    Parent Club

    Parent Club is full of information, resources and activities for your growing Canadian family. Product reviews, mompreneurs, tips & tricks, Toronto area family event calendar and more. Don't fold laundry during nap time - read Parent Club instead! ...more

    Parent Grapevine

    A place to share your parenting struggles, successes and dilemmas. ...more

    Parent Hacks

    Asha Dornfest applies the hacker ethic to parenting in this collaborative weblog. Here, parents swap scrappy tricks and product recommendations - stuff that never makes it into airbrushed magazines or "expert" books. ...more

    Parent Palace

    Location The Blogosphere Parent Palace offers articles on several topics, ranging from careers to sex & relationships and several in between. It is maintained by a group of bloggers with a passion for writing, and an even bigger passion for their families. Whatever your reading needs, you're sure to find it on Parent Palace!...more

    Parent Talk Today

    At Parent Talk Today, we chat about everything from bad-mannered mommies to IVF to keeping the home fires burning with hubby when all you really want is a nap... Grab that Frappuccino and join us for book and movie reviews, You Tube videos, tips, a little whining, and a lot of fun. We're the next-door neighbor you wish you had! ...more

    Parental Guidance Suggested

    Parental Parody

    Mum to a 5yr old girl with a quick mouth that she's not afraid to use (like her mother), who is under the mistaken impression she is in fact 25 (like her mother); and 2yr old twins - AKA The Twin Tornado.  A boy (tantrum prone, lover of all things purple and floral) who probably should've been a girl, and a girl (resident ninja tyrant ruling the toy room by fear and intimidation) who probably should've been a boy....more

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