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    Think a little.  Laugh a lot....more


    My husband may be the Quartermaster at work, but I am the master of the quarters at home. Our Army life is peppered with a toddler, four pets, a wet climate, and an international adoption....more

    Quasi Agitato

    I'm a mom, wife, actress and writer living it up in Brooklyn. If life is a song, this blog is my sheet music. Feel free to sing along....more

    Que Sara Sara

    At 2:32 a.m. I stumbled to the bathroom for migraine medicine. I was thankful to have awakened enough to be able to do this. Sometimes, while I am sleeping, the monster attacks and I am unable to get conscious enough to get out of bed. I am sleeping and I am aware of the pain and somewhere in the most primitive part of my brain I know that if I don't get up, there will be hell to pay. Thankfully, last night, that was not the case. ...more

    Que Sara Sera

    Adventures in Mommyhood and life in general ...more
  • Que Sera, Sarah

    Two sisters, one blog. Sarah, Washington, DC: Nonprofit web & social media gal; deeply into old buildings, ice hockey, books, music, travel, and yarn. Eileen, Houston, TX: Former foster mom, first time birth mom; happily being paid in slobbery kisses. Loves travel, photography, and Indian food....more

    I'm a new mommy asWell, I too can't get enough of the wet kisses, and his soaked hands ...more

    Queen of the Jungle

    I usually write about the plights of motherhood.  You know, the ins and outs, day to day rants of a stay at home mom cooped up in her home with no adult interaction except facebook and Oprah.  I take myself lightly, and find it easier to laugh at myself and my situation than to take it too seriously.  I'm honest, and usually write what you're thinking but would never dream of saying out loud....more

    Queenbloggy: What happened to Mom?

    A blog dedicated to the crazy aftermath of childbirth. ...more

    Queenies Little Kingdom

    Location central Indiana United States See map: Google Maps If you're looking for inspiration to be the best wife, mom & follower of Christ.  Queenies Little Kingdom has a little bit of all that and more.  Written by a 40 something mama to high school & college age kids and married to a Southern Baptist minister/IT guy.  Queenie has plenty to offer just about any reader.  You might connect with the "real life" stuff going on in this child of the King's everyday life. Stop by and say hello.  You're sure to find a friend in this kingdom....more

    Queenies Place

    I am a 30 something woman with 3 kids, a happy husband and a rocking marriage. I blog about life in my kingdom, news and anything else that hits my brain. ...more

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