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    Sassifiable is about self actualization. As a freelance writer, poet, blogger, woman, mother of three, stepmother to another three, wife and resident house elf; this is a foray into the mind of how to "become" my potential... or at least not lose my sanity in the process. Self actualization is defined as a person who is living creatively and fully using his or her potentials. In ALL ways... always. Love and sex and money and career and mommy-ness and sanity and dignity and grace and light and autonomy and politics......more

    Sassy Auntie

    Somehow this is just about cats and cocktails ...more

    Sassy Irish Lassie

    The random musings of a girl stuck in Wisconsin who's heart is lost in Dublin ...more

    Sassy Pants Momma

    My thoughts on day to day life, parenting and marriage all with a touch of sass....more

    Sassy Silly Spunky Momma

    Just a momma and wife doing her best to add a little sass, some silliness, and lots of spunk to life!...more

    Satcy Girl

    My rantings and musings as a wife, mom, science nerd (but in a totally cool way), and chocoholic! ...more

    Satisfaction Through Christ

    I aim to glorify God in every aspect of my life.  Whether it be infertility, adoption, or Christianity related, I do it all for the glory of God....more

    Sauce for the Goose

    L'il ol' me and my li'l ol' life. ...more

    Save Money, Time and the Planet!

    At you will find sales, deals, special offers and saving tips all in one easy place. Everything from boutiques to bistros, events to the environment, SunnySaves has it all. Save money, save time, save the planet at!...more

    Save Mum's Sanity

    Save Mum's Sanity is the personal blog of Australian mum of one Belinda Peters, as she navigates the crazy world of new motherhood, grapples with work and life balance and searches for her inner strength to empower her baby boy who was born with Facial Palsy. " I soon realised how isolated my world had become. Although I made the effort to get out most days, my son strapped to me, I started to feel on edge, my sanity brushing the inside of my palm threatening to slip away at any moment....more

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