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    This blog is a snapshot of my life as a mother, a wife, and a teacher. ...more

    Uhl Blog

    Words, pictures and quotations about my life as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, writer and friend. ...more

    UK Saffa

    I am a young South African mom living in London – working the 9 to 5 job, with some hippy tendencies, funky friends, a love for shoes and a mild dependence on Starbucks. My family rocks! My boy is pre-high school and my husband is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. Both have enough energy between them to light a city and quite often they do. My blog is about being the mom of a exceptional kid, the wife of a man who is larger than life that I adore, and encounters I have with the weird and wonderful people of London Town. ...more

    Una colombiana en California

    Location California United States See map: Google Maps The real life of a colombian mommy in beautiful California....more

    Una In A Million

    Those who know me personally, know that I have a fondness for alter-egos. An alter-ego is basically a character you pull out of yourself that allows you to do the things your normal self would be too chicken to do. Forgive me for this example but take Beyonce. She has Sasha Fierce when it's time to get crazy on stage. Dr. Jekyll turned into Mr. Hyde when it was time to get psychopathic. Me? I have Spidy Clamburger. ...more


    A passion for life, love, faith, exploring art through textiles - this is what I discovered after my struggle with post-natal depression - a zest for life and people, that I had never felt before. Unbecoming lily is my place to document this growth as a child of God, woman, a wife, a mum, an artist, and just maybe, hopefully, share my new joy through art and writing and an increased awareness of depression. ...more


    Because I don't fit in a category and I don't want to, so consider me and just tag me. ...more

    Uncharted Parent

    A blog about living in northern New England with my Jewish-not-Jewish-Caucasian-Korean-professional-stay-at-home-mom-formed-by-adoption-and-biology family. ...more

    Unconditional Mom

    My real life name is Jennifer, but that's just boring, so I'm known on the internet as Unconditional Mom; particularly on my blog ( Sometimes I answer to that first. Why?...more

    Uncool Mom

    A blog that celebrates anti-helicopter, no-nonsense parenting and muses on life with two daughters, ages 10 and 14.  Written by a longtime freelancer for The Dallas Morning News. ...more

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