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    Be Nice Twice

    I’m nice, twice, then all bets are off.  I’m a teacher who loves her job but accepts that sometimes I just might lose my shit a little bit, and maybe that’s okay.  Likes food in miniature, sharp pencils, and a functioning copy machine.  Dislikes dogs in miniature, the phrase the children are our future and tardiness. ...more
  • Life Ain’t For Sissies

    IDEAS FROM PSYCHOLOGY THAT MAKE LIFE BETTER Most posts are observations, fueled by my life and work as a clinical psychologist, teacher, and writer. My interest in  identity, creativity, transitions, loss, relationships, midlife and becoming a clinician will show up in my posts regularly. ...more
    you could do a thesis on my life, I have considered bein a psychologist just for the meere fact ...more
  • Sistapreneurs Network

    Sistapreneurs Network ( is Social Networking at its best. This is the space for Black Women Professionals and Black Work At Home Moms to to share their business ventures and ideas in the spirit of entrepreneurship. Even though this particular network is designed for women of color, all women are welcome to join the discussion and share their ideas. Each One Teach One ...more

    Hi IHenry,

    I like reading your postsg and at first I was marvelled to see such a blog. ...more

    "Bring It On"

    Compelling conversations for business and personal success. Discover tips and articles for personal strategies, business development, marketing, and spirituality. Attract your dreams and desires NOW with deliberate intention and action! ...more
  • "Life, the Universe, and Everything"

    The portrait of a grad student. Where I share the joys and stresses of my progress through my program. ...more

    Sarah Hammond


    ((little fat notebook))

    My philosophy is simple: things change. Therefore, we are all on a lifelong journey of discovery. We should be flexible, questioning, learning, adapting, and growing. Always. ...more

    ... and hijinks ensued.

    Random babblings from my world-- I like to pretend that people want to know what goes on in my head. ...more

    ...aka darzy...

    My life as an academic, girlfriend, dog mom, and jewelry designer! ...more

    ...And How are the Children

    '...And How are the Children?' is a space to share my thoughts and prompt discussion about issues of relevance in the field of early childhood/early care and education.  I also use it to chronicle some of my experiences as a practitioner in this field.  All ideas that are shared in a respectful way are welcome to be expressed, and subject to debate.  Comments are encouraged, and links and references that provide supportive evidence are especially valuable.  As an educator, I believe that we all should have learned something by the time we log off, or navigate awa...more

    .51 - Geekspace For Women

    “.51- Geekspace for Women” is for women who are busy building rockets, making small gadgets or large networks, designing new computer programs, p0wning games, publishing science fiction, writing/designing comics, making music - whatever geeks are up to, you’ll find it here. If there’s something missing that should be here, speak up! ...more

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