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    151 Days Off

    Do you always run out of time? Do your weekends always feel short? Do you go to work on Monday thinking that you haven’t done a thing (and feeling guilty about it) ? If you answer “Yes” to any of the questions above, then you are like me: a certified time waster. Nobody likes to waste time, money or good chocolate, yet we’re still doing it (except the chocolate part). To this end, I decided to make myself accountable of my free time this year and document it here....more

    2 Board Alley

    A place for first drafts and other thoughts. ...more

    20 Something Blog

    This is my blog about life, love, religion, school, and randomness.  :)...more


    Navigating the laid back life on the West Coast ...more

    2ee's Photography

    Location 2ee's Photography 42 E 39th Ave Spokane, WA 99203 United States See map: Google Maps I'm a photographer and business owner of 2ee's Photography along with my dad, Eric. I fell in love with photography after struggling through some not so fun jobs and I'm so excited to finally be doing something that I have a passion for and to be able to share that passion.   ...more

    3 boys and a girl

    This blog was created as an outlet for all the things that roll around in my head. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes serious, and sometimes inspirational. All of it, though, is very random. ...more


    Real estate, art and popular culture. ...more

    365 Day Girl

    Real tips and tricks to living the Hot Girl lifestyle....more

    37 days

    3Cs: Coffee, Children, and Cancer

    Be careful what you ask for…IsntSheLovlei is back on the blogging scene! But now I’m all grown up—or at least I’ve earned a few additional letters behind my name. So instead of bringing my inaugural blog, The Dog Ate My Care Plan, back I decided to start an entirely new blog. After a behind the scenes title war with myself (and after not being able to come up with anything else for “The Dog” to eat that wouldn’t get me sued), 3Cs: Coffee, Children, and Cancer was born. 3Cs basically picks up where I left off after graduating from nursing school and passing the boards....more

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