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    Are Toe Rings Professional Attire?

    A repository of life-hacks, news, and epiphanies for twenty-something women written by a twenty-something woman learning the ins and outs of life after college, full-time employment, following her dreams, and getting her life together in the "real-world."...more

    Arianna's "Random" Thoughts

    Let your journey be meaningful and your faith strong! All of us have overcome setbacks and perservered; that is life. We all have stories (or random thoughts) to share. Looking back, I thought my life events had no purpose; yet I have realized that they occurred to teach me valuable lessons. I find that we often hear about the individual’s success or attainment of a goal, but hardly ever about his or her journey to reach that achievement....more

    art by Debi Fitzgerald

    I am a portrait artist, living and working on my small farm in the heart of central Flo...more

    Art of Allowing Mindset

    Thoughts, ideas, conversation on personal development, law of attraction, inspiration, midlife reinvention, creating a thriving life and small business from the inside out. All geared to practical implementation, ease of use, and successful results on the path to a woman's inner game to wealth. ...more

    Artsy Fartsy Shopaholic Goes To Law School

    A fun little blog about an artsy fartsy shopaholic who loves to dance and paint and just happens to be in law school. ...more

    Artsy Shark - A Site for Emerging Artists

    Articles and interviews on the business of art - how to sell your work, galleries, marketing, networking, websites and more. Featured artists' portfolios are presented individually....more

    Ask a Manager

    Want to know what your manager is thinking, how to act in a second interview, or what to do about your annoying coworker? This manager will answer your questions without sugarcoating. ...more

    Ask Me How it Works

    Ask the Disssertation Diva

    Real-world advice from the Dissertation Diva. How to finish your dissertation with less stress and sail smoothly on the Bay of Academia....more

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