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    A Walk in the Words

    A linguistic tour for people who love having fun with words and language. A place to share interesting linguistic observations regarding sound, meaning and structure. A place to share linguistic rants and raves. A place to walk in the words. ...more

    A Way to Think About It and Write It!

    The Ivy League Tutor discusses the troubles of writing standardized test essays under pressure when the stakes are high. It's the companion to, a site to help high school students ace the essay section of standardized college admission tests like the SAT or ACT. ...more

    A Wishful Thought

    Sage musings by Julianne Alvarez-Wish on the subjects of  motherhood, business, finances, politics, family, health and all things pertaining to women. ...more

    A Woman Out There

    Between writing my thesis, gaining new experience in the field, finding balance through baking, and searching for my next career, my goal is to chronicle my experience as a twenty-something woman navigating my way through the world of Higher Education and my career as a Student Affairs professional....more

    A Writers Edge -- writing/editing/ghostwriting

    A writer's journal on English words, writing, and books--with a touch of tech. This blog is part of A Writer's Edge website, the online home of San Diego veteran journalist Georganna Hancock. She's written news and features for major newspapers and magazines, regional publications, and professional journals. Now her focus is on helping the developing generation of writers avoid pitfalls and find success through her editorial services and help on the path to publication. ...more

    A Young Professional in the Information Technology (IT) Industry

    Read my blog about my journey as a young professional and the obstacles I overcome :-) -Ashley...more

    aartisan pr & events blog

    a blog about pr & event happenings from an insider. updates on event decorating trends, interesting pr campaigns, launches and stunts. special focus on food & drink products....more

    Abby in Oz

    I am a new mom (or 'mum' in Australia), an expat (which means I'm homesick 24/7) and an entrepreneur (French for 'broke'). I travel the world with my toddler. I do not vacuum. Ever. You could grow peonies in my carpet. ...more


    ABDmom is a "thirty-something PhD candidate at Bigtime State University (BSU). I'm also the married mother of a toddler. This blog talks about my life as I try to write my dissertation, raise my daugh ...more

    Abi the Troubadour

    Abi the Troubadour chronicals the life of a young creative struggling to live out her dream of, well, honestly, just getting heard.  Offering an intimate look at the independent side of the music industry, Abi shares her strugles and motivations as she works on completing and self releasing her first album.  Added complications arise from a crush on her enginier, a past drunken evening with the cellist laying tracks on some of her songs, and a reformed obsession for a promoter friend.  ...more

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