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    Abounding Solutions Blog

    Posts that help to empower women who are going through mid-life career change....more

    About Human Resources

    Blogging about Human Resources since 2003, Susan Heathfield's blog attracts four audiences. Human Resources professionals, students, or people who desire to join the field; managers in organizations; people who are employed in organizations; and people who want to improve their personal and career success and happiness read and enjoy her blog. New content is added to the site daily and a newsletter and Forum are available from the blog. ...more

    About Life*

    Location United States See map: Google Maps About Life* is, simply, about life but from a small, one-person perspective.  Topics vary but includes personal finances, ways to improve the self, wedding planning, and  just updates on my life.  I'm a 20-something college student finishing my degree in Child and Family Development, planning my upcoming wedding, applying for Graduate school, and caring for my pets and fiancĂ©e in Georgia. ...more

    Abundance Highway

    Link TextMy Abundance Highway is dedicated to sharing experiences, tips and resources to help others find abundance.Do you want to have total Freedom, the Freedom to be, do and have anything you desire. ...more


    Professor Me is "a toddler's mom, a professional's wife, and an ABD graduate student counting down the days until I finish my dissertation and start my job at Smallish Midwestern University (SMU) in S ...more

    Academic Coach

    Earnest exhortations and random tidbits for dissertating grad students, post-doctoral job hunters and tenure-track faculty ...more

    Accounting Powered by Chocolate

    A blog designed to share the joys and challenges of owning an accounting company. Offering advice to other business owners espcially in the field of accounting....more

    aCE talentNET blog

    a.C.E. = available Consultants & Educators. ...more

    Achieve Market Leadership

    The Achieve Market Leadership blog is sponsored by Crimson Consulting Group for marketing executives. We share our insights on opportunity analysis; strategy and planning; and operations and execution. In addition, we talk a lot about what's happening in Interactive marketing (Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0). Join in, we want to hear from you. ...more
  • Across the Pacific

    This is a blog on entrepreunership, innovation, emerging markets and technologies, and women in ...more

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