Career Blogs -- Opinionated, green, frugal, breastfeeding mom of a toddler!

    I have always been unafraid to voice my opinion, and now I have a whole slew of new ones about being a stay-at-home mom who also juggles a freelance editor career. With this blog I want to share with you what I learned works and doesn’t work, what benefits your child and you. I want to become a resource and trusted “friend” you can rely on for information. ...more

    Daily Curiosities

    "Musings of a modern-day Alice in graduate school land." A collection of random thoughts from a stressed-beyond-belief graduate student....more

    Daily Dose of Common Sense

    Daily Dose of Common Sense cuts through the crap, hype, and pseudoscience to tell it like it is. Part science, part news, and part, er, common sense, this site may be harsh sometimes but it's just tough love. ...more

    Daily Dose of Dani

    A blog that touches on a little about everything. ...more


    Blog for those who want more from their current jobs, better work opportunities or a chance to earn extra income. ...more

    Damsels In Success -- Professional Women's Blog

    The DamselsInSuccess Professional Women's Forum is a group blog featuring the stories and advice of professional women from a variety of different backgrounds and industries. ...more

    Dance Advantage

    Giving students, teachers, and parents an edge in dance education Articles on technique, classroom management, parenting your dancer and more! ...more

    Dandelion Dreams

    this blog follows both my education and theirs... ...more

    DaniMagestro - Habitat, Biz + Soul

    I'm an ex cubicle farmer who disrobed my corporate costume in order to create the habitat, biz + soul I needed to be utterly happy. Mum to one amazing girl named Papaya, wife to a gorgeous Paramedic and human rights activist. I also study space weather and am proud to call myself a web nerd.   ...more

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