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    Discover Columbus

    This blog was formerly known as Columbus Best Blog ...more

    Discover Your Competent Advantage!

    Discover Your Competent Advantage (TM) is an online community for sharing ideas on personal growth and career development. Are you wondering: How you can get the salary you deserve? ...more

    Discussing Semantics

    This is a place to discuss words, their meanings, and how they are used in everyday conversations; as well as how we can improve the use of these words. Most stem from conversations (or heated discussions) I have been in with friends and family. It's a lot of fun! ...more

    Disgruntled Julie: A PhD in Progress

    It's not glamorous, it's not exciting, and it's certainly not easy. It's the life of a biomedical graduate student (aka laboratory slave) pursuing a degree in oncology. After 6 to 7 years of hard work, long hours, lots of stress, and proper protein-binding and structural conformation changes, the frazzled, confused, overwhelmed graduate student earns those three little letters and becomes the mad scientist. Welcome to the PhD process. I used to enjoy lots of activities, like horseback riding, fencing, lacrosse, religiously following the Steelers, playing french horn, studying political science, reading, etc. Now, as an oncology PhD student, all I do is go to class, slave away in the lab (to do list: cure cancer), or sit in the library and study. And from time to time, that leaves me feeling pretty disgruntled. ...more

    Ditch My Debt

    One woman's blog to ditching her family's debt for good, while working on building wealth and stability. ...more

    Ditch the Dusty Widget

    Marketing tips and small business facts of life from an Oregon business owner to entrepreneurs everywhere. ...more

    Ditch Your Job Now

    Vidette Vanderweide, founder and CEO of , teaches women to experience a freer, fuller, more inspired version of themselves by ditching their "corporate" jobs to be rich and delicious doing what they love from home! As a woman builds a successful business from home doing what she loves, she ultimately becomes "rich and delicious!" Being rich in all areas of life leads a woman to feel successful, sexxier, more fulfilled, and a fulfilled woman is better in all her roles in life...i.e. spouse, daughter, sister, mother, friend, etc....more

    Diva Marketing Blog

    Diva Toolbox Blog

    The mission of the Diva Toolbox is to empower, educate, and entertain women. We seek to provide insight into issues that affect women, to inspire women to achieve, to educate women in both practical and intellectual subjects, to offer a forum for discussion, and to create a supportive and nurturing community. The Diva Toolbox presents timely articles, engaging stories, powerful testimonials, and wise words from members of our community. We offer a forum for discussion, and an opportunity for differing viewpoints ...more

    Diva-Living is more than a blog about living like a diva. Its a personal blog on total random daily topics!...more

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