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    Geeky Domestic Hippie Living in the Big City

    Location Overland Park, KS United States See map: Google Maps I am a mom, a teacher, a wife, and a writer. I prefer natural parenting and natural living. I am a geek and not afraid to show it. My blog is about my life and all the crazy it entails....more

    Geeky Mom

    Raising children on nothing but brains and gadgets. ...more

    Gen Plus -- Reinventing 50 plus

    It's a backstage pass to info on jobs, love and life at 50+. Gen Plus, headed by Wendy Spiegel, is dedicated to bringing meaning, respect and resources to you, the plus generation of age 50 and older. Read up and speak out on issues affecting your future: jobs, income, love and respect. ...more

    genegeek: translating genetics into English

    Hi. We'll use this space to explore public perception of genetics and other cool molecular biology stuff - but we aren't limiting ourselves - we'll include travels from various geek adventures. We are writing for the non-expert so let us know if we are using too much jargon. Most posts will be written by genegeek (woman with a PhD in Medical Genetics) but other interesting people will share their insights. Thanks for stopping by....more

    General Blather

    I'm a 31 year old RN working in an inner city trauma center. I'm coming into my sexual prime, but frustrated because I'm single...and Mormon...and peculiar even by church standards. This blog chronicles the daily (or every other day) life of a harried Midwestern self-proclaimed asshole...her rants, her aspirations, and anything else that amuses her. ...more

    Generation YES - Thoughts on Empowering Students with Technology

    This blog is about ideas to empower youth using technology. We all know that we have to move schools into the 21st century, and that this is a big change to a reluctant system entrenched in the past. We all know that to make big changes in a system, all stakeholders must have a say and be part of the solution. Yet K-12 students are rarely included when we talk about 21st century learning. This digital generation can help, and has much to say -- if we listen.   This blog is about schools and students today working together to make change happen. ...more


    This Blog is dedicated to generational marketing and communications and hosted by GenerationXpert Suzanne Kart. Suzanne, who is a Gen Xer, has more than 15 years experience writing, speaking, and studying generational communications and has spoken on the local, state, national, and international level. She can be reached at ...more

    Genius on Hold

    Genius on Hold is a look at the direction informal educator Rebecca Thomas would love to see education go. Topics addressed have included transdisciplinary skills, apprenticeship, autodidactism, and peer teaching....more

    Genma Speaks

    This blog is about all things that speaks to Genma Holmes'heart. My wonderful children and the challenges of motherhood.My business ventures from pest control owner to writing and publishing to continuing to work in the fashion industry. My love of the environment and my work with non-profits that help young people be the leaders of tomorrow. And of course my love of my grandfather's legacy...politics and social activism that will help change how we see the world we live in. ...more

    Get Reading Ready

    Reading is one of the most important tools we can provide our children, and all future children.  The problem is that we often don't have the correct tools in our toolbox to help our children.  As a reading teacher, I hope to help provide you with some tips, some book ideas and some recommendations that may help you (and your child). Sometimes it is dry, sometimes it is funny, but always it is informative.  ...more

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