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    Getting Attention

    Nancy E. Schwartz is the primary author of the Getting Attention blog and Link Texte-newsletter, useful sources of ideas, tactics, and tips for nonprofit communicators focused on helping their organizations succeed through effective marketing.. ...more

    Getting Ready for Sorority Recruitment (What a Rush!)

    Location We blog from a variety of places in the United States United States See map: Google Maps presents a variety of articles specifically discussing collegiate sorority recruitment.  Our articles are generally aimed at those who are looking to join sororities, but may also include articles for parents, sorority leaders, or fraternity/sorority advisors.  This blog is intended to discuss Panhellenic sorority recruitment only but may also apply to other forms of social interviewing including multicultural and ethnic sororities, fraternities, professional interviewing, dating, managing family reunions, the list goes on....more

    Ghostweather Shortform

    Lynn Cherny's blog on user-centered design, software culture and management, photography, folklore, and the paranormal. Lynn has worked at TiVo,, Adobe, Autodesk. ...more

    GI Janefinances

    A thirty-something woman on her journey to financial freedom ...more

    Ginger Donnan Events

    A Blog for Planning Corporate and Non-Profit Events...more

    Ginger Won't Snap

    A look into the life of a twenty-something girl on her journey of self-improvement in the areas of relationships, self-love, finances and knowledge. Featuring insight into the glamorous and not so glamorous world of advertising, what it's like to train in Shaolin Kung Fu with the big boys, Ginger's favourite products and recommendations, going green, and random advice. Check it out, you won't regret it! ...more

    Give Me Back My Credit

    The best way to prevent an identity theft is to plan for one! Do you know what lies within your credit report? Is your family safe? Remember knowledge is power, stay informed. Read the latest news, scam alerts and consumer stories and tips to avoid being scammed! ...more

    Give Me Paws: chasing bliss with my dog and 17 kids

    I'm the mom of a lovable French Bulldog, and my 17 kids can be found in my first grade classroom on weekdays. A blissful life of balance is my pursuit; I want new adventures, but I take comfort in the familiar. My interests and post topics include: dogs, Austin, writing, teaching, yoga, books, tv, politics, gardening, interior design, cooking, painting, travel, photography, and more. All this in a tiny urban condo that's only 400 square feet!...more

    Glam Mommy

    The Place for Modern Moms! This is the Guide to Parenting, Business, Healthy Living, Social Networking & Media, and Abundance!...more

    Glass Incarnate

    Welcome to Siyeh Studio where every day and is an adventure... and sometimes there are squirrels. ...more

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