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    Her Every Cent Counts

    A personal finance blog written by a 24-year-old freelance writer, designer and theater geek based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Written with honest wit, this blog is filled with entertaining content sans censorship. This is the fourth blog written by the author behind HECC. It's filled with advice on saving money, career, and commentary on growing up and consumerism. ...more

    Her History

    HerHistory details the life of Ms. Rose, an academic wanabee, waiting it out in the years between between finishing her M.A. and going back for her Ph.D. Ms. Rose writes about feminism, being in her 20s, women's health, and popular culture. ...more

    herBusiness blog

    A community of women in business. A resource for networking, mentoring, education, inspiration for women in business. ...more there is something to say

    I am a social media geek, online marketer, devourer of new technology, twitterer, caffeine addict, 80's music lover (mainly Michael Jackson), hockey and soccer mom and a cellist -- not accomplished yet but I'm hoping to be when I retire ...more

    High Heelers

    Location LRMG Performance Agency Whiteley Road South Africa High Heelers is about standing tall, stepping up and climbing the corporate ladder - all in heels. It's a blog about the big lessons women learn from some of the littlest experiences in and around the office. High Heelers are ambitious, they know who they are, they know how to compromise but never give in. All corporate women, or women who work hard will gain value from this seriously funny, yet seriously serious site....more

    Highfill Performance Group

    Location Richmond, Virginia United States See map: Google Maps Highfill Performance Group has worked with companies on sales and customer experience projects for over ten years. We know that almost every sales and service initiative has one thing in common… a need for changed behavior. We’ve helped clients escalate sales by as much as 85% in the first six weeks. We’ve helped others win awards for their customer experience. We believe people want to change, they just need to know why, what and how. We call that moving the heart, head and feet....more

    Hilldog Teaches

    I am a 30 somthing gal teaching in a low income, public school and lovin' most days!!...more

    Hip And Stingy

    Navigating the hard times with style and frugality. ...more

    Hiring Technical People

    Blog about how to hire people. Candidates can use this blog to figure out how to be hired. ...more

    Hitha On The Go

    A corperette's adventures in travel, work, and everything in between.  ...more

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