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    Joanne Jacobs

    Joanne Jacobs, author of Our School: The Inspiring Story of Two Teachers, One Big Idea and the Charter School That Beat the Odds, blogs on education and family issues....more

    Job Searching Blog

    Tips and advice on locating job listings, finding employers, interviewing, networking, and other ways to find a job. ...more

    Jojo Falk Illustration (Sweden)

    Jordylass - Money Saving Missionary

    A blog about my life; studying, cooking, eating, travelling, and doing it all the cheapest way possibe. ...more

    Journey 2 My MBA

    Getting Debt Free While Following My Dreams ...more

    Journey To London

    A blog about my single life in Toronto, social work, and my struggle to move to England....more

    Journey to the Top with Some Adobo

    A Hispanic Woman's MBA experience and then some ...more

    Joy of Direct Marketing

    Location Lois Geller Marketing Group 2028 Harrison St. Suite 202 Hollwood, FL 33020 United States See map: Google Maps This blog is all about marketing and tips you can use to improve your own marketing efforts. Some of the topics (there are many more) that are discussed include:...more

    Joyful Money Saving

    I love saving money & finding the best deals. So take a look around & hopefully I can help you a little in saving too.  ...more

    JPD Mom

    I started Jamie's Painting & Design( late in 2002 and have grown it to be a very successful company and a leader in the Children's Industry. I have been branded a "Mompreneur" in the media, many times over....and have learned to embrace (sort of) the term. After being asked countless times to give advice to other women hoping to start their own business, or help them grow it - I decided a blog was the way to go (or my husband actually convinced me it would be a good thing to do...not sure which is the real story) JPD Mom is a blog I started last January to give advice to other women that were thinking of starting their own business. ...more

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