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    Random quips from a random girl with too much time on her hands, an obsession with celebrity gossip, and a head filled with far too much imagination and only one blog outlet to throw it all into. ...more

    Kling to Cash

    I help you keep more of your cash. We discuss saving, budgeting, finances, taxes and oh so much more of that fun stuff you want to hide from. I'm a CPA who lives the frugal life and helps her clients do the same. Come along for the ride! ...more

    Knot Come Loose

    Follow Jen in 2010 as she prepares for field work towards her master's degree in West Africa....more

    Know Your Own Bone

    My thing? Creative community engagement in nonprofit organizations. Museums, musings and social change....more

    Knowledge Jolt with Jack

    Jack Vinson writes about knowledge management, personal effectiveness, theory of constraints and more. Knowledge Jolt provides consulting services to businesses and individuals with a focus on establi ...more

    Knowledge Problem

    "Commentary on Economics, Information, and Human Action": Knowledge Problem is a blog focused on economics commentary ranging from electricity policy to environmental regulation to innovation and technological change (with the occasional discussion of music, knitting, triathlon, food, and wine!). Knowledge Problem has been one of the top economics and public policy blogs since 2002. ...more

    The day2day, unpredictable & often chaotic happenings of the Kress household...more

    Kristie McNealy's Blog - Entrepreneurship, Parenting and More

    Kristie's blog is a mix of thoughts on parenting and entrepreneurship. Kristie is the mom or two girls (both premature), and a brand new baby boy. She is the President of ...more

    Kristie T's Home Biz-A-Pa-Looza

    Kristie T's Home Biz-A-Pa-Looza serves up fun, mom-geared work-at-home tips. Here you'll find fun quips, insights, and hot tips making money while working from home. She dishes out the hottest scoops ...more

    KU Says: Often Snarky, Rarely Wrong

    I originally launched a blog called Unterekless Thoughts in December 2007 in an effort to keep my friends and family happy by no longer forwarding them links, articles, blog posts, etc....more

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