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    Laura Williams' Musings

    A blog about contests, freebies, product reviews, scrapbooking and other crafts, daily thoughts, and more ...more

    Laura's Winning Ideas

    Proposal Expert shares tips and stories to help win contracts. Laura covers strategy and tactics, change agent tips and team development stories. ...more

    When surveyed, a heavy majority of respondents replied that they'd like to work from home if given the chance. Another interesting statistic: 60% of people with disabilities are unemployed.  There is an obvious need for people to find ways to earn an income from home and this is what is all about. Join us and let's find ways to make money from home...whether it be to substitute a full-time job to earning a few dollars for a special treat. I'll show you what works, what doesn't and what places are a waste of time....more

    Laurinda On Leadership

    A professional African-American woman's perspective on leadership, thriving in Corporate America and personal development.  ...more

    Law and Letters

    Epistolary Geek, J.D., L.L.M. student, and Writer of billet-doux and long law review articles about federalism, hate crimes and race conscious pedagogy. Oh, and an Aspiring Law Professor. ...more

    Leading Consciously Blog

    This blog is about how to consciously use yourself — your thoughts, emotions, relationships (including with different others), and actions — to positively influence your organization and reach your own dreams. It is based on my book, Reframing Change: How to deal with workplace dynamics, influence others, and bring people together to initiate positive change.  ...more

    Leading from the Heart

    A blog about issues in teaching with a focus on educational technology and literacy in high school, written by a high school teacher/education consultant/PhD student (Concordia University) in Montreal, Quebec. ...more

    Learned on Women

    Learning Activities For Children

    Learning activities for children from Newborn to 12 years old. ...more

    Learning Communities

    Learning Communities is a blog by Helen Whitehead about the ways people learn and work together online. I write about e-learning, learning technologies, Web 2.0, social media, social learning, online communities and how to create communities online and use forums and social networks and social media effectively to bring people together. I blog about online communities of practice, blogging and writing online. This blog incorporates the digital writing and e-learning blog formerly called Periodic Fable. Eclectic, unusual posts or slightly off-topic posts are categorised Periodic Fable....more

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