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    Life on the Road: Home Business, Homeschool and Cats!

    A full-time RV family shares their adventures - homeschooling two kids, running a home business on the road, life in an RV, interesting travel and dining experiences, you name it... ...more

    Life. Photographed.

    Location Tacoma, WA United States See map: Google Maps Jesse Michener is a nationally-published photographer documenting extra-ordinary and everyday life: as a spirit-keeper, a family archivist and storyteller.She offers on-location, journalism-style photography for the Puget Sound region and beyond and her blog documents her life, love and passion for the world around her. ...more

    Life... with no $$ SUCKS !

    A detailed log of my daily online earnings. ...more

    Life: Forward

    My mother, who at no point (including, I suspect, when pregnant with me) has weighed more than 120 pounds has long had a list of reasons and kind terms - big boned, genetics (my father is the zaftig son of two formerly fat parents), etc.  The truth is, I spent most of my childhood fat, and all of my adolescence on a merry-go-round of Weight Watchers, eating, marginally legal diet pills (yes, I took those diet pills that may have had ephedra in them), losing 5 pounds, gaining 10 pounds, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast......more


    Lifehacker Australia

    Lifehacker is a technology blog with a slightly different way of looking at the world. We see technology as a shortcut to life. When we look at products, software or gadgets, we stop and ask – how does this make my work or play faster, more efficient, and more fun? ...more


    I love life, and am strangely addicted to stress. I also Google random facts, work incessantly as a newspaper editor, love time with my family and friends, and wine....more

    Lifestyle Design

    Are your environments the way you want them? What would you like to do to change them? In my blog, I talk about my own environments and ask questions that hopefully will give you hints into how to bet ...more


    Light Reading

    Jenny Davidson " I am the author of a novel called HEREDITY (US: Soft Skull, 2003; UK: Serpent's Tail, 2005) and an academic book called HYPOCRISY AND THE POLITICS OF POLITENESS: MANNERS AND MORALS FROM LOCKE TO AUSTEN (Cambridge UP, 2004). I'm currently at work on a new academic book, BREEDING: NATURE AND NURTURE BEFORE BIOLOGY ...more

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