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    Live The Life You Dream About

    Location New York, NY United States See map: Google Maps I'm Sarah, a Manhattan-based interior designer and editor-in-chief of Live The Life You Dream About (LTLYDA), a lifestyle blog with a focus on style, interiors, fashion, New York, and life. My design practice and blog are centered on my belief that interior design is about embracing life and how we want to live it....more

    Live Your Better Life

    Less stress. Better relationships. Success in improving your life and making changes. Real time management for women. ...more

    Live, Dream, Succeed

    Learn more about everyone money management from grocery shopping to investing in your future.  Live, Dream Succeed. ...more

    Living Behind The Curve

    Living Behind the Curve Accomplishing the bare necessities of life is stressful. Just getting through every day so you can wake up tomorrow and do it again is a lot. Then, you're expected to keep up with the Joneses, stay fit, lose weight, maintain hobbies, advance your career, buy bigger houses, keep up on reality TV and world affairs, have the latest gadgets, have a family, go out on weekends, stay abreast of the local gossip, remember to change the air filter, drink 8 glasses of water a day, save for retirement, keep up the yard, stay hip to the latest fashions, and keep the houseplants alive -- all just so you can say "I have a life". It's no wonder that everyone is stressed out and broke. ...more

    Living in Left Field - The Blog

    Best of the Living in Left Field newsletter articles ...more

    Living Moxie

    Location Edinburgh United Kingdom See map: Google Maps Helping you quit the fear to find your passion and get paid for it....more

    Living My MoMent

    Check out to shop at MoM owned stores and services offered by MoMs. The goal of this blog is to reach out to MoMs who own small business and could be hurting from this economy. I give them FREE advertising on our site. Also, check out my blog about being a MoM in today's society, dealing with raising a fiery red headed toddler and being pregnant at the same time in a humorous light. I also offer giveaways from my clients and provide a daily MoMtip to get you through the day. ...more

    Living Rich With Coupons

    Get great money saving tips using coupons and smart shopping from this crazy coupon lady aka the "old mommy blogger".  ...more

    Living the Low-Income Life

    This blog helps those who live, or strive to live, the low-income lifestyle, either by choice or need. ...more

    Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

    This blog, written by GrrlScientis ...more

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