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    M is for Money

    Welcome to M is for Money, where I share my financial life with the world. My interest in personal finance began 7 years ago, when I realized I was living paycheck to paycheck. I started to save, but still managed to rack up too much debt. In 2007 I committed to erase over $20,000 in credit card debt in one year. After reaching that goal in 2008 I started this blog. My journey out of debt taught me valuable lessons – saving, investing and living more simply. I’ve made my share of financial mistakes and learned from each of them. ...more



    madam0wl writes about being a stay-at-home-mom who loves thrift shopping, outfit styling, computer stuff and oh yeah, trying to figure out stuff to do with the kids.  ...more

    Magnetic Business Woman

    My blog is about being an entrepreneur, using the law of attraction.  I blog about about building a business and what it is really like.  I also have a place on my blog where I interview women entrepreneurs who are doing amazing things, to show other women that anything is possible....more


    Twentysomething New Yorker-turned Parisienne blogs about French academe, feminism, dating, literary Paris, and keeping her legs crossed on the metro. ...more

    Making A Happy Life

    A WAHM blog about how to find work from home, happiness and life coaching. If you are looking for a place to start working from home this could be the place providing you with many links to many WAHM ...more

    Making Cents Out of Life

    Making Cents Out of Life is dedicated to helping you live a lifestyle rich in quality while spending less money, and increasing your generosity toward others.  My main purpose in starting the blog is to help those who live on a fixed income, have experienced or are experiencing dire financial hardships, or those who may not have a stable financial picture.  ...more

    Making Financial Cents

    Making Financial Cents is all about money. How to make more of it, save it, and spend it wisely. You'll find advice, reviews, coupons, freebies, deals, and more....more

    Mama Need Java

    I'm Vivian; a regular mom trying to keep her head on while telecommuting with a toddler in tow. Welcome to the momblog smörgåsbord. Grab yourself a mug of "go-juice" and stay awhile... ...more

    Mama(e) in Translation

    A mother (mamãe) of two boys (4 and 2) between two languages (Portuguese and English), two countries (Brazil and the U.S.), two "worlds" (academic/ home-front). A foreign student (ABD right now) marr ...more

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