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    OA Librarian

    Open access resources by and for librarians ...more

    Obsessions of a Workaholic

    I write about my life in Chicago, my experiences as a college teacher, and my struggles to survive and succeed in academia. I also blog about my online dating misadventures, as well as things I obsess over, such as the weird and sometimes annoying things that my neighbors do and interesting things that I observe on my daily commute. My goal is to be a published writer, so I also blog about the writing process and inspiration....more

    Obsolete When All Are Employed: We Try to Stay Positive

    Of Radio Dials and Knitting Needles

    This is the day-to-day life of a college student and her endeavors in finding herself, her education, her knitting, and just trying to make it out there in the big, wide world. ...more

    Oh Good God!

    Oh My Aching Debts

    Oh My Aching Debts is about my journey from teetering on the verge of bankruptcy to financial freedom. I'm gaining ground slowly through frugal living and learning about personal finance. ...more

    Oh so cynthia

    Today's recession has forced me to turn into... my Mother. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I have become a woman who will stop to pick up a penny off the street. I am clipping coupons. I am sticking my fingers in the coin return box on the soda machine. I am going to more than one grocery store because the price of hamburger is $.50 cheaper here versus there. Well, folks, I have struck the mother lode of deals. And I'm going to share it with you here. ...more

    Oh Waily Waily

    Oh Waily Waily is a blog about being a mother to two young kids.  It is also a personal blog talking about travel, books, cross stitch, family life and anything else that comes to mind....more

    Oh, snap!

    I am a student at a graduate school of education. Unfortunately, I am also smart and care about education. You see where I'm going with this. ...more

    Oh, what now?

    A blog about the wasteful spending that goes on by people all around the world. Let's see how the other half spends, shall we? ...more

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