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    Rachels English

    This is my website, a project started while I was living abroad.  It aims to help ESL learners who want to learn/improve an American accent. ...more

    Raisin Toast

    Raisin Toast is a story about the suburban life and experiences of a North Carolina family of 6.  From home improvement and homeschooling, photography and fine art, restaurant and product reviews, to cooking and cleaning, tips and more, Susan Vaughn keeps her family on their toes and delights her readers with her constant state of chaos and rib-tickling fun ...more

    Ramen Noodles, Rent and Resumes

    A blog discussing all things related to life after college. Quarterlife crisis, living situations, getting a job, resumes, 401Ks, living on a budget, and more! ...more

    rare pattern

    This is a more personal professional blog, if that makes sense, where I write about web design, technology, business and so on. I also write about things relating to Drupal but not really relevant or ...more

    Rashmi Sinha's weblog

    Reading Reality

    Ebooks are not just coming, they're here! Every Monday, I collect all the reviews for all the latest ebooks from the ebook publishers at Ebook Review Central.  I sometimes call my blog "Escape Reality, Read Fiction!" because I review a lot of fiction. I read the kind of books everyone loves, so fantasy, romance, science fiction, mystery, and stories from the places in between, like urban fantasy and science fiction romance, all find room in my reviewing space. Last, but not least, I'm a librarian....more
  • Reading Rumpus

    Children's Literature & Reading Education written by a reading teacher ...more

    Hello Everyone,


    There's a new children's book series for speech ...more

    Real Savvy Real Estate

    Demystifying homebuying for first-time homebuyers. RSRE is on your side and will take you through the entire real estate process with wuality information, unbiased advice, profiles of real homebuyers, and lots of inspiration! Let's get savvy!...more

    Real Simple Saving Methods

    Putting $ back in your piggy bank. ...more

    Real Ways to Earn Money Online

    Reviews, tips, resources, and advice to help you start earning money at home in your pajamas today!...more

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