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    Shopper Strategy

    There are many wonderful bloggers out there who are doing a great job of putting out the matchups, coupon deals, freebies and rebates.  The only problem is that it can be difficult to figure out which ones will apply to your local area, and many of these sites don’t get good search engine rankings simply because they DO contain so many links.  These bloggers help me to consistently save 70-90% on my family's grocery and drugstore bills, and I'm returning the favor by putting all of these excellent resources together so YOU TOO can easily find all of the ma...more

    Shopping Thrifty

    Living well isn't about how much you spend, it's about how you spend it. Learn how to save money be living frugally, shopping discounts and reducing household expenses. ...more


    The ShortWoman writes about business, the economy, the world, current events, education, and whatever else strikes her as Important. Her goal is to be paid for her writing and research. ...more


    Public relations - thoughts, comments, ideas ...more

    Simple Saving Savvy

    is simply my way of sharing with you, from a grateful heart, all God has allowed me to learn about saving money and practicing frugality in the home. It is dedicated to providing a simplified, ethical, practical and encouraging environment for other women who also desire to be GREAT stewards of all God has loaned to them. ...more

    Simple Savings Blog

    My goal is to simplify the savings process for my readers by providing them with coupon match-ups with the current weekly ads, online savings and coupons.  I help people save money on their groceries, household items, gift and everything in between!...more

    Simpler Solutions for Complicated Lives: Torrey Shannon is Spilling the Beans

    Fueled by copious amounts of coffee and armed with insight and an incredible sense of humor, I deliver an insider’s glimpse in overcoming life’s greatest challenges while authoring my first non-fiction novel. I do this from a remote log cabin in the Rocky Mountains: 45 miles from the nearest traffic light at an elevation of 9,100′ above sea level.  That, in itself, is part of my adventure....more

    Simplifying Business Success

    Fed up with poor income results?  Feeling trapped in a ‘job’ you’ve created for yourself? Simply Business Coaching will show you how to build a more profitable business model, use the latest internet marketing techniques to get more clients, and how to get more done each day. ...more

    Simply Forties

    On being a woman in her forties. Finances, grown children, relationships; everything we deal with! ...more

    Simply Life Photographs

    While originally starting to blog to give my photography clients an opportunity to share the sneak peaks of their photo session, My blog now incorporates my work as a family and event photographer with my walk with Jesus Christ....more

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