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    Tails of Vet School

    So exams are over, for a while. I am doing my best to really stay on top of my game in the coming weeks so that I don't feel so incredibly overwhelmed when exams come around. I saw some interesting research regarding how much more information one retains when you look over your notes every night, versus just every once in a while. So, that's what I'm trying to do...but its still really hard....more

    Tales from Mid-Air

    As a three year old, I wore red cowboy hats and wrote stories in the margins. As a five year old, I dug for clay under swingsets and jumped from slides with "Wonder Woman" as my battle cry. My dad died when I was six because he drank too much. My Mama's heart broke when I was 26; I couldn't fix it. I've spent my life in Denver, living and loving. I'm a restless spirit who is finally seeing the peace in every day--who finally loves where she is and who she is just because it is what it is. I'm a human being. I make mistakes. ...more

    Tales from the Road Less Traveled

    I write a personal finance blog, focused on a large blended family of 6 children from 4 previous marriages. My husband and I both have full time careers, raise 3 children full time and 3 children part time. There are a lot of details and a lot of bumps in the road. ...more

    Tales of a Real Hollywood Mom

    I'm a mom. I'm an actress. I live in Hollywood. I do not have a nanny, personal trainer, chef, or a seven figure income. (yet!) You won't find me in the tabloids. You WILL find me teaching at my fantastic four year old son's preschool. Performing original sketch comedy at the famed Groundlings Theater. In the pool at the Hollywood YMCA. Eating at my husband's cafe. You may also see me here and there in movies, commercials and TV shows. Being a *real* Hollywood mom can be a schlep and a rat race. It can also make for some great adventures and hilarious moments....more

    Talk Social to Me

    As a single mom and technology professional dancing the lines between work, mommyhood, men and the everyday challenges of life, Carrie Basham Young brings humor and reality to writing about life in San Francisco, California, where everything is both organic and smartphone-enabled. discusses everything from startup culture to online dating - if it's social, it's here!...more

    Talk to the Clouds

    A blog about teaching ESL/EFL and being a better teacher–not just through lesson planning and new techniques, but also through cognitive science research, Web 2.0 applications, time management, etc. I'll also post funny things, notes about my ongoing language-learning experiences, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I'll occasionally write about my entrepreneurship efforts (as a private language consultant). I hope other professionals in the TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) field and related fields will come join the conversation. ...more

    Tara Correll Social Activist + Empowerment Coach

    Location Seattle United States See map: Google Maps I have the intuitive ability to connect with and to really see people....more


    Taxes affect everyone. Remember what Ben Frankin said? The only things that are certain in life are death and taxes? It's true. And that's what I blog about. I don't blog about tax sections and the Tax Code. I blog about real life issues that are tax-related. Recent entries have included the failure of the estate tax bill; NCAA's quest to retain tax-exempt status and Wesley Snipes' tax indictment. My goal is to make tax information accessible to everyone and hopefully, entertain you along the way. ...more

    Taz's Clues:EternaLearning Academy

    Homeschool/unschool documented. Our adventures in and out of education. Lots of issues relating to education are also discussed. ...more


    A funky lil' blog about teaching & learning. ...more

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