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    What the hell is wrong with you?

    Name:Dr. Brazen Hussy Location:Big Ten College Town, Midwest, United States I'm a woman, a Ph.D., an evolutionary biologist, and a liberal. So I spend a lot of time these days being angry. ...more

    What's On Karen's Plate?

    Stories, thoughts and insights on the world of fresh produce, business and beyond from Karen Caplan, CEO of Frieda's Specialty Produce Co. ...more

    When Fridays Were Fridays

    Reflections on life in Corporate America when Fridays were Fridays, loyalty mattered, and bosses still cared....more

    Where Are We? The Many Splendid Adventures of Jemima, Rooster, and Cricket

     This is the story of a single mom.  She decides one day that God is telling her to sell everything they own and set out to serve Him.  So they do.  And they've been doing it ever since.   Mama Jemima needed a place to keep her family, friends, and supporters informed on her family's adventures, so she started a blog.  It has turned into much more than an archive.  She has discovered a renewed love of writing, and although not huge in numbers, she has a readership in 13 countries.  She feels that she has an amazing life, and she w...more

    Where Creativity and Financial Freedom Meet

    Learn about entrepreneurship in the arts, read articles of interest and develop your ideas to to turn your hobby into your profession. ...more

    Where's My Cape?

    Physician-mother KC (mainly) laughs her way mothering Jolie (born 2005) and JL (born 2008). She also gives plenty of fake medical advice and documents the monthly changes of her children via "operating system" upgrades. ...more

    Wherever You Go, There You Are

    Location New York City United States See map: Google Maps Expect: Public relations musings, travel quips, yoga bliss, news snippets, New York-isms and deep thoughts. A die-hard New Yorker, I’m a yoga enthusiast, amateur foodie, pescetarian, believer in doing the right thing, culture vulture, karaoke maven, traveler, forever newlywed and volunteer. As the t-shirt says, Life is Good. Beware: Comic relief, cerebral commentary, sarcasm and A-HA moments. In short, my heart (and blog) beats for public relations, yoga, healthy eating, food finds, travel and New York City....more

    Why Moms Rule: The Importance of Marketing to Moms

    Devoted to trends, influences and best practices of marketing to moms.  Moms control 80% of the purchases in their family and spend $1.7 trillion annually.  Marketers have long ignored this all-important consumer segment because Moms Rule!...more

    Wicked Anomie: Sociology Run Amok

    Armchair Adventures from the Ivory Tower ...more

    Wide Eyed Gypsy

    Wide Eyed Gypsy is the swashbuckling and opinionated alter ego of an otherwise sedate, out of work accountant. WEG shares with you her travel, food, opinions and concerns. You can love, hate, agree, disagree, collaborate or dismiss her out of hand - but you can never pin her down!...more

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