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    Daily Dose of Dani

    A blog that touches on a little about everything. ...more

    Daily Pep Talk from a Best Friend

    You can live happily ever after. Pep Talk: There’s an expression, and I forget how it goes (awesome), but it’s something like, “if you ignore them, your problems will have puppies.” Like, if you aren’t vigilant about addressing uneasy feelings and troubling interactions, the depression will compound, weigh you down, and color the way you see your beautiful life. I want you to feel free from anxiety and sadness and I bet you want that too. ...more

    Daisy, Roo & Two

    A chronicle of life as a mother to three children with a 17 month age gap (my girl Roo and the Two, identical twin boys) - finding myself, finding my husband, and finding my floors....more

    Damama's at it again!

    An eclectic view of 50+ years of life, 30+ years of marriage, and 28+ years of parenthood. All in all, it's been a sweet ride! ...more

    Dame Wendy

    A crafty Upper East Sider writes about love, life, food, knitting, and the pursuit of happiness. She loves cupcakes, coffee and crafts. ...more

    Dancing on Colette's Grave

    One woman's journey through life, love and beyond. ...more

    Danielle Dowling--Professional Soul Sister, Relationship Remixer

    Location Los Angeles United States See map: Google Maps 1. I have a Masters in Psychology (and I’m working towards a Psy.D). Translation: I’m unabashedly intellectual, but far from stuffy. 2. I evoked gasps of amazement for over a decade at Bloomingdale’s and Equinox Fitness Clubs, where I excelled at sales, marketing and executive training. 3. I think four letter words can be totally appropriate. 4....more

    Darla Carmichael

    Darla Carmichael lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her husband and two children. She is the author of Step Away Slowly, a memoir written as a collection of a memories, and the soon to be published book The Adventures of Sadie Barrett and Other Stories. She is also currently working on a novel entitled A Hard Day in Hell. Ms. Carmichael is a survivor by nature and brings her experiences from domestic violence and addiction into her work, bringing the reader into a world that is almost too fantastic to be real at times. Darla lives life one mistake at a time....more

    Date the District

    A DC girl's guide to sex, dating, and relationships....more

    Date Wrecks

    Dating + The Internet = Date Wrecks The shallow end of the dating pool... ...more

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