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    Fabulously Broke in the City

    Just a girl trying to balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver ...more

    Faith, Love & a Starfish

    My ramblings about the happenings of my life as I try to find love and happiness while staying true to myself. Just a girl trying to find her way in the world. ...more

    Fake It Till You Make It

    Fake It Till You Make it is a blog full of frugal living and career advice to help up-and-coming professionals make and save more money.  Topics include résumé writing, career planning, couponing, budgeting, successful interviewing, salary trends, labor market data, sweepstakes/giveaways, DIY, job readiness, and much more!...more


    This is my blog about life, the universe, and everything.  Actually it's a little bit nerdy, a little bit heartfelt, and a lot a bit passionate.  I'm a first year teacher, wife, wannabe mom, friend, mentor, and crazy person.  I talk about political issues, opinions, random crazy things that happen to me, and the kids i love.  As an English/Language Arts teacher, and wannabe author, there's also lots of info about books on there.  Stop by and enjoy!...more

    Familial Ramblings

    The purpose of Familial Ramblings is to explore the different aspects of family and relationships, whether real or fictional.  Read about family and relationship dynamics, how each change over time; find tips for being in different types of relationships, how to handle diverse family situations that arise, and more....more

    Family Matters - Parenting in pursuit of happiness

    Family Matters contains daily posts for parents, providing many practical tips, polls and a lot of positive inspiration towards great relationships, good life balance and happiness. This blog welcomes comments and pingbacks from readers and other bloggers for the benefit of parents worldwide. ...more

    Fantastically Blonde

    24. Colorful Colorado. New home owner. Engaged!!! 2 adorable black labs. ...more

    Fat Chances

    The journey of a fat girl looking for love in a skinny world....more

    Feelings for Breakfast!

    This is a humor blog where I post creative non-fiction stories from my childhood and present life.  I write about everything from childhood humiliations to the strange things I encounter in my everyday life as an umeployed, newly-married, 20-something, New Jersey transplant living in northern Idaho.  I frequently illustrate my posts with poorly-drawn comics and strange Photoshopped images.  My posts are usually more entertaining than this's really not very funny to just say "It's funny, I promise!" but, I promise, it is.  Usually.  Sometimes.  ...more

    Female Orgasm and Pleasurable Living

    Reliably create Female Orgasm anytime and every time, adding more fun and pleasure to your life.  Blog from the Welcomed Consensus an internationally known center of education for sensuality. Renowned for teaching Deliberate Orgasm (DOing), their research of female orgasm has unveiled a vast world of pleasurable sensation for both women and men. ...more

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