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    Hair Bows and Smiles

    Hair Bows and Smiles is a lifestyle blog written by myself and supported by my loving boyfriend.  I cover topics from cooking to good books to life in general.  I tackle both sad and happy moments and hope you join me on this journey!   About me from my blog: Welcome!  If you are reading this it means you've found my blog and that makes me incredibly excited.  To start, my name is Ashley and I am a lover of many things....more

    Hanging by a Nerve

    Glimpses into the {crazy} life of a single mom of two ...more

    Happily Ever After or Bust

    This blog chronicles my search for prince charming and all of the issues it (he) raises, makes me wonder about, regret and try to understand. But I hope it becomes a forum where we can share our relationship stories, reflections, lessons, heartache, disappointment, bewilderment and (hopefully) happiness. Buckle up, it’s Happily Ever After or Bust!...more

    Happily Ever After.. or is it?

    "Happily Ever After" began in 2007 when I married my husband. It was a way for keeping track of little moments in our lives and keeping our loved ones in touch with us. It has since evolved into a way of telling my personal stories through words and pictures. I'm a Mama to two babies. One is Cole Michael who is three. The second is Savannah Marie who is one. They are my loves, my life, and the core to my soul. They are the reason I try to be better everyday. Paul and I have now been married for almost four years. We live in sunny Southern California....more

    Happily Ever After: Blog about the ups and downs of love, life, marriage, sex and the pursuit of happiness

    I launched Project: Happily Ever After in 2007, when I found myself regularly fantasizing about killing, divorcing, or cheating on my husband. I knew my Mr. ...more

    Happy Sexy Life

    My mission in founding and creating Happy Sexy Life is to assist others on their journey to emotional healing and happiness; invoking them to bloom to their happiest, sexiest selves, by sharing my personal journey and what I've learned along the way. Having lost my Mom at 18, to say I was emotionally wounded and had to overcome some obstacles, is well... A bit of an understatement.  For me, it all began by embarking on a journey to long-term happiness in long-term relationships....more

    Having A Nemesis

    Doing battle with my husband, one word at a time. Sometimes three. Or five. ...more

    He and She Eat Clean - A Guide to Eating Clean... Married!

    He and She Eat Clean - A Guide to Eating Clean... Married! is a resource for both women and men for information on leading healthier, more well maintained lives.  The website/blog includes information/resources on different foods, eating clean while you travel and eat out, recipes for meals and desserts and motivational information. Written by husband and wife team, Jim and Tiffany. Tiffany is a certified Personal Trainer and aerobics instructor....more

    Heart and Hairspray

    I ponder Quantum Physics while trying on shoes at Macy's. ...more

    Hello, my name is Jessica

    A humorous blog on dating, women's and men's issues, being single, not being single, life, bad habit's, silly things people do...etc. Have a laugh. ...more

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