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    criminal justice and drug war reform, mental health advocacy, politics, sexuality, things that are funny, culture, and everyday life. ...more

    Katie Dot Com

    A blog about everything. No, really. I wanted to click all of the catergories. But I picked the things I talk most about - which are the things I love the most; Life, Singlehood, and Relationships. Ironic, don't you think? :) ...more

    Keep Your Man

    My own thoughts (inspired and collected after many years of observing) on relationships. ...more


    Musings from the field of mental health by a licensed therapist and certified life coach. ...more


    The best word I could use to describe myself is "Puzzle" I am so simple and so complex at the same time, but there is only one way to put all the pieces together. About 5 years ago I started off my journey as a Energetic Nursing major with a minor in Communications. After 30 units of biology courses, I realized I HATE BIOLOGY!! and I wasn't so Energetic about it.So I chose to Communications which I LOVED! So 2 years later I am a few months away from being a college graduate with a major in Comms and a minor in Bio (I had to do something with those 2 years worth of bio courses)....more

    Kelly & Becca: 2 Soul Sisters on a Mission

    Kelly Addington and Becca Tieder are experts on sexual assault awareness and prevention as well as sexual empowerment. Since 2003, Kelly and Becca have had the honor of working with hundreds of campuses and communities throughout the country to help end sexual violence. This blog is full of posts about their experiences on the road (and at home), information about sexual assault awareness and prevention and lots of other stuff that's on their minds. ...more started as a way for me to be consistently writing, as a way to challenge myself to compose on a daily basis. Mostly I talk about my life, and the nonsense therein, my zany family, my love of all things Literature, things that move me and things that make me laugh aloud. ...more

    Kicked Out of Momsclub

    You have to be really creative if you want a "spicy" marriage- especially once you have kids! With that in mind, my dear friends, I present to you, the Kama Sutra Board Game "a game for lovers on their journey to ecstasy!" Now, THAT is spicy! ...more

    Kid Sis in Hollywood

    Director. Writer. Producer. Rabble-rouser. ...more

    Kimberly Knight - Coming Out Christian

    This blog is a place where real people with beating hearts and quick minds can gather to explore what for many people seems a paradox but for me has never a source of conflict – being gay and Christian in America. And guess what? As it turns out, there are as many ways this unfolds as there are ways of being not-gay and Christian in America. What I know to be true is that debates do not change hearts and minds, people do, people and their stories. As you get to know the people who share their stories here I hope you will hold an open place in your heart just as Christ holds for us all. ...more

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