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    l o v EAT e a c h

    All you need is love...and good food and great art and time to travel and a fulfilling career and...well, actually I don't know. Come along with me as I try to figure out exactly what life is all about. This blog explores love, offers a sampling of recipes, gives a glimpse into the day in a life of a Special Education teacher, and serves as a place to share hopes and dreams in general....more

    LA Juice- Fresh Squeezed Sass | No Pulp

    LA Juice writes your wrongs on the mean streets of Los Angeles. This blog is all about life in LA from an escaped Detroiter's bemused, humorous often inappropriate perspective. Stories about LA at its most sublimely absurd. Features include, bizarre LA in photos,  Celebrities riding in elevators, Kittens who Haiku, Books that don't suck and Living well in the land of the endless summer....more

    La Moretta

    La Moretta runs the gamut from A (adoption) to V (vegetarianism). The author is in the process of adopting two children from Ethiopia, but the blog includes posts on almost everything -- self improvement, running a business, jazz, television, books, animal welfare and microfinance. La Moretta is often a ridiculous do-gooder who tries not to take herself too seriously, but if she does, her regular commenters bring her back to earth (and provide recipe suggestions for the enormous number of sweet potatoes she's received from her local CSA). ...more

    La Vie Childfree

    This blog is talking about any and all issues related to the choice not to have children.  It's a go-to spot informing and educating about one of the most important choices we make in life, and the topic in larger sociological and global contexts....more

    Labor of Love

    We are pregnant women, mothers, fathers, doulas, midwives, childbirth educators and OB's who love music almost as much as we love children. We strive to find a natural rhythm in childbirth, parenting and family life--preferably, one that has a rich and diverse soundtrack. We share parenting stories and music on this blog. ...more


    We are two over-the-top females who spend so much time gchatting each other our thoughts that we decided to share those musings with the rest of the world. We are your typical smoldering blonde/brunette duo who enjoy red shoes, wine on Tuesdays, charity functions, cupcakes, double entendres, having ridiculous conversations, making deals and gingerbread lattes without the ginger. It doesn’t get much better than that. Clearly. ...more

    Lady Brain

    Issue-laden? ...more


    Humor blog about being crazy and single in a world full of chaos. ...more


    Laguantic is just your friendly neighbourhood Canadian ex-model atheist mom of two bi-racial tots living in the Bible Belt. You understand why I drink, right?...more

    LaLicenciada's Blog

    Excerpts from the life of a Puerto Rican woman trying to leave her mark on this world one blog at a time. ...more

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