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    Naked All the Time

    I blog about online dating and feminist sex from the perspective of a kinky woman....more

    Naked Girl in a Dress

    My name is Kelly and I live outside of DC with my two kids. I am a mom, blogger, photographer, baseball fanatic, triathlete and, unfortunately, a part-time government contractor (kidding: love my paying job!). In 2008 I separated from my husband and I am now experiencing life as a single mom. It has been a sad, fun, exciting, crazy time. Of course I can say that now because I have successfully completed the mandatory time served crying on my sofa for 12 months....more

    Naked Lady in a White (Silk) Dress

    Naked Lady in a White (Silk) Dress is a blog that looks at the engagement process and wedding industry / culture from the point-of-view of a burgeoning feminist and nude art model....more

    Nat The Fat Rat

    Location NYC United States See map: Google Maps my name is natalie. i love crinkly old men and fat gurgly babies. this blog is where i capture the beautiful, silly, wonderful things that make our little lives significant. i love bagels & cream cheese, marshmallows & vanilla cones, and my tiny apartment in new york city, but i especially love you!...more

    Extended site supporting the goddess room.... ...more

    NEPA Bride

    I’m a 25 year bride located in Northeast Pennsylvania, planning an October 2010 wedding. I love reading about unique and fun weddings and I’m hoping to create a day that truly reflects myself and my guy. We want to break out of the traditional, stuffy kind of weddings that seem to be the norm here. We want to DIY what we can and create a fun and festive party to celebrate our love with all our friends I want to document this process for a few reasons....more

    Never a Dull Date

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps At Never a Dull Date our goal is to not only share creative date ideas with our readers, but to also share our experiences with all of the fun date ideas we have. Whether it's your first, fifth or five hundredth date, we're sure that can help you find unique new ways to keep your dating life from ever getting boring....more

    New Lesbian

    I'm 30. I'm a new lesbian. I write about it....more

    New York in Paris

    NewYorkinParis is about a newlywedded musician/writer/New Yorker who's moved to Paris—leaving behind her independent single life and her favorite city—for love, marriage and everything that France has to offer. Paris may be the most romantic city in the world, but not when you have no idea where to get a Brazilian (wax, not man), the euro is quickly wiping out your American dollar bank account and you don't know what it means to be married. Is it really a dream come true to move to Paris for love? ...more

    Newlyweds on a Budget

    Location Orange County United States See map: Google Maps Recent newlyweds trying to turn a house into a home on a shoestring budget....more

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