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    Rachel L. Richard // He Restores My Soul...

    I am married to my wonderful husband, John. We have two wonderful kids, Ethan and Erin....more

    Rachel's Rantings in Rio

    Momma, Wife, Woman, ex-Pat, American, Brazilian at heart, cranky, Sassy, Ridiculous... I'm just a big old mixing pot living life in Rio de Janeiro....more

    Radha Sutra

    For five thousand years the relationship of Radha and Krishna has represented the embodiment of love, passion and devotion. Radha's passion for Krishna symbolizes the soul's intense longing and willingness for the ultimate unification with the Divine. He is worshipped and respected by many. She is worshipper as well as his own to be worshipped. Radha Sutra is a record of the reincarnation of this love in the 21st century. Our story picks up in the MidWest, USA: land of lakes, hills and forests. This is a journal of our pursuit of adventure, lust, peace, spanking, and erotic pleasure. ...more

    Raisin Toast

    Raisin Toast is a story about the suburban life and experiences of a North Carolina family of 6.  From home improvement and homeschooling, photography and fine art, restaurant and product reviews, to cooking and cleaning, tips and more, Susan Vaughn keeps her family on their toes and delights her readers with her constant state of chaos and rib-tickling fun ...more

    Raising the Prude

    Location London United Kingdom See map: Google Maps Raising the Prude is a blog about being a single girl in the London jungle. From friend zone to danger zone and from starlit romance to tooth-aching awkwardness, RTP documents the fun (and peril) of navigating the London lifestyle. The Prude is a young woman who never had many of the formative experiences shared by the rest of the brood. She stumbles through single life in quite a haphazard way, attempting to learn as she goes....more

    Ramblings of a Curious Mind

    A little bit about a thirty-something enjoying life, her amazing friendships, her great dog, her travels and her entertaining quest for love. ...more

    Ramblings of a northern lass Let me know what you think?...more

    Ramblings of a Reluctant Mom

    Who I Am: I am a writer, roller derby player, chef, reluctant mom, wife, office manager, motorcycle enthusiast, knitter, painter, quilter, loud mouthed, open-minded, stubborn, painter, foodie, blogger, tattoo lover, I can hurt, I can heal, I can be strong, I am weak.... I'm me, and still, I'm so much more. The Plan: You know, one day, I decided what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to travel and see the world. I wanted to live free and float from one place to anot...more

    Random Babblings of an Urban Mom-tographer

    Random babblings of a mother, photographer and journalist in Vancouver, BC, Canada....more

    Rant Rave Write

    I am a mom, a wife, a writer, a software trainer, a good gardener, a bad knitter, and a host of other things. My mother calls me Jack of all Trades, Master of None. But she's a bad day away from crazy (which is an improvement over last year when she was), so I'm not sure that she is a fair judge. I write stories - fiction - because they're in my head and need to come out to make room for other things, like where I parked the car. I also write non-fiction because, depending on the day, I am often alternately the Universe's punch line or whipping boy....more

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