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    S3X in the Pantry

    My thoughts on having a passionate marriage -even if we are both working full time and raising three wild kids!...more

    Saltwater Princess

    My name is Bridget. I'm a Canadian mother of two. I recently left my husband for his best friend and I'm telling the story of our new old relationship and everything in between. It's a wild ride and sometimes it's painful but this is the way my life goes. ...more

    Sandi Shelton

    Hi. My name is Sandi Kahn Shelton, and this is my blog, which is turning out to be about writing and ordinary life, and being a parent and a novelist and a person who walks four miles every morning and who drinks a lot of iced tea. ...more

    Sarcastic and Cynical

    I work and go to grad school part time. The whole working and school thing is AWESOME (and by "awesome" I mean "sucks"). ...more

    Saskia Vogel

    Location Los Angeles and London United States See map: Google Maps This blog is where I explore sex and culture -- outside of my day job persuading people to fall in love with the short story one issue of Granta magazine at a time. The posts usually relate to things that are feeding into a memoir I am working on about sex and coming of age in the 21st century: Gender equality, porn, media literacy, kink culture, free speech on the internet, obscenity law ... the books and art that delight me, as well as crumbs of inspiration....more

    Sassifiable is about self actualization. As a freelance writer, poet, blogger, woman, mother of three, stepmother to another three, wife and resident house elf; this is a foray into the mind of how to "become" my potential... or at least not lose my sanity in the process. Self actualization is defined as a person who is living creatively and fully using his or her potentials. In ALL ways... always. Love and sex and money and career and mommy-ness and sanity and dignity and grace and light and autonomy and politics......more

    Savvy Says...

    Okay, ladies, it’s time to get (just) a little bit serious. A good friend forwarded a really thought-provoking article to my inbox. It asked simply: What else could that ring buy? ...more

    Savvy Scoop: OneWed's Bridal Blog's wedding blog with the all tips, ideas, photos and tricks from wedding experts! Happy planning, savvy brides! ...more

    Savvy Single Christian

    Got SAVVY? I'm not sure I do! The one thing I definitely have is absurdity! This is the story of my single life. These are things that actually happened. --Savvy-- to know; understand, practical understanding, common sense, shrewdness, intelligence. --noun-- ...more

    Schook Em, Hook Em, And Cook Em

    A blog for women, age 50+, who want to bunny-trap a man....more

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