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    Telling It Like It Is

    Hello! My name is Lin Burress and I am the sole author of Telling It Like It Is. My blog covers a wide range of topics relating to marriage, parenting, children and teens, dating, relationships, abusive relationships, child abuse, caring for elderly parents, and so much more. ...more


    Location Canada See map: Google Maps The Seinfeld-like misadventures and musings of a sarcastic, thoughtful working mother and devout Christian turned atheist. I ramble about everything from why I stopped wearing thongs to coping with depression and anxiety. Debaters welcomed; trolls shunned....more

    THAT magazine for women

    Location Central PA United States See map: Google Maps THAT Mission: It is the mission of THAT magazine for women to encourage and inspire women especially, but all readers, to live whole lives that manifest healthy bodies, minds and hearts.  The heart, to us, means the unseen seat of the emotions and spirit. We do not claim to define this; we only wish to feed it. It is the mission of THAT magazine for women to support those who are actively contributing to the well being of their fellow human beings. We intend to do this through our content and through contributions....more
  • That Woman Speaks Eighteen Languages but Can't Say No in Any of Them

    This blog is about a woman who went off in search of sex and love, which aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. After two years of blogging and countless pointless relationships/sex/flings/booty calls (on both sides) I found the man I wanted to marry. ...more

    I read that earlier today too - sounds like the 'research findings' that she's achieved aren't ...more

    That's How I Roll....My Hilarious Journey Through Clinical Depression

    I'm a freelance writer/stay-at-home mom, and I have suffered from clinical depression off and on since I was fourteen, but I'm not a depressed person. My life is still fun, amazing, crazy, normal, hilarious, sad, complicated, and real, just like anyone else. I just happen to analyze every detail until I want to pull my hair out. Come to my blog and read about what makes a woman with depression tick, and as a bonus you'll get to laugh at the ridiculous things that go on in my head. You might ever learn something....more

    The Taradiddle and Twaddle of Motherhood

    It hit me today- like a slap in the face, kick in the pants, load of bricks dropped from above hit me. I am a mom to two toddlers! Hmmm... My first reaction was a smile that stretched my cheeks far higher than I normally allow. Then, as a I sat in my very hot car in front of Stater Bros, I felt a tiny bit of fear creep over me. Just a touch, like a nervous feeling you get when you are driving somewhere unfamiliar, worried you may become lost. I asked myself if I knew what I was doing, if I was ready for the road that lay ahead. The answer was ...more

    The #GetChose Movement

    #GetChose is about doing you. It's about the whispers of your heart that you have neglected. It's about remembering the passions that stoked the fire in your belly once upon a time. It's about being authentic, taking risks, and living inside of vulnerability. This blog explores the journey of #getchose in 2013....more

    The 30 List

    Adventures of a Twenty-Something Approaching 30...trying to accomplish my "30 Things To Do Before 30 List" ...more

    The Adventures of Superwife

    One Alaskan woman's super life as a SuperWife...  SuperMommy, SuperFriend, SuperSister, SuperDaughter, SuperChef, SuperLover of Champagne, SuperComedienne... etc! Blog showcases everyday laughter as a wife and new mommy; also highly focused on "shit my husband says." Enjoy!...more

    The Anti Room

    The Anti-Room is the home of many Irish ladies writing about everything from fashion to feminism, pop culture to politics, and lots of things we haven’t even thought of yet. The blog was founded in 2008 by four Dublin-based journalists, including Anna Carey, Edel Coffey and Sinéad Gleeson, who initially wrote under pseudonyms. Now with Carey, Coffey and Gleeson as the site’s managers and editors, the blog has expanded to welcome a wide range of regular contributors. ...more

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