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    The Bad Girls Guide

    This is a journal created by a woman for women. However, if you are a man in tune with your feminine side (or trying to get there), feel free to read on. It's mainly the stuff we talk about but that noone ever wrote down. ...more

    The Baldwin Adventures

    The adventures of one family written by the fearless leader - the wife. ...more

    The Bare Essentials Today

    Smart. Sassy. Single....What gives? ...more

    The Bedroom Blog

    Group blog written by the owners and staff of an upmarket sensuality boutique, The Bedroom, in Umhlanga (South Africa).  Invaluable source of both inspiration and information regarding sex, sensuality, women, relationships, etc.  Peppered with humorous anecdotes.  A must read!...more

    The Betty Blog

    Betty is the Betty behind Betty's List, the resource for events, news, services and activities for the San Francisco LGBT community. ...more

    The Binderclips & HulaBuns Chronicles

    HulaBuns is just one of my nicknames (Ohio and Ape are among some of the others). Binderclips is my husband's nickname. This blog is to document the VERY common dysfunctional communication that exists between my husband and myself. For a while now our friends have been telling us that we should have our own sitcom, this is as close as we are going to get to that for now. So enjoy!...more

    The Black Tulip

    The Black Tulip - because not everyone can be The Bloggess ...more

    The BlackBird Memoir

    I think I'm a genius, but what's one woman's opinion?...more

    The Blind Leading the Blonde: A Dating Blog

    Single blonde seeks meaningful relationship, life.    The Blind Leading the Blonde is a dating blog following a twenty-something singleton on her quest to learn to date again after a 6 year long relationship.  After finding it hard to 'get out there', she decided to pick up dating advice from books, TV, movies, friends--anywhere--and explore the possiblities.  Read along as she navigates her way through the prepared food section of grocery stores and into the heart of a man....maybe....more

    The Bliss Quest

    The Bliss Quest is a search for my Holy Grail. Joseph Campbell referred to the Holy Grail and the Grail mythologies as the "Search for self." An inscription above the door at the Oracle at Delphi translated into "Know thyself, know thy place." ...more

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