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    The Functional Weirdo

    Random musings on food, life, friends, and relationship.  It's weird inside my head, come and take a peek. ...more

    the girl that dreams...

    so i'm new to this blogher site... still learning my way around... ...more

    The Glamorous Life of An Army Wife

    Keri Smith is a writer, mother of two sons and the wife of an American soldier. She enjoys writing her humorous blog, "The Glamorous Life of an Army Wife" to highlight her unique lifestyle and observations. She has a professional background in Human Resources and Recruitment, and contributes on DivineCaroline and Ezine. She is also, apparently, fond of talking about herself in the third person and sometimes uses bad language....more

    the goddess room

    The dream life of Caribbean writer/web developer Ndelamiko Lord. ...more
  • The Happy Hypochondriac

    Yesterday I went to the gym for a run on the treadmill. I'm trying to get my base fitness level up so that I can run a marathon in October. Basically I am trying to teach myself to run. So yesterday I managed to run straight for four miles! I'm shocked, frankly. And I realize that I have a long way to go for 26.2, but hey, I'd say this is progress. And I didn't feel like I would die right afterward. ...more

    Thanks for reading!  It's great to know that others can relate!  Sometimes I feel ...more

    The Haven Journal

    An online women's magazine that focuses on transforming the way women think about body-image, beauty, life, and love....more

    The Hipster Homemaker

    The (mis)adventures of a babywearing, breastfeeding, cosleeping, cloth diapering, indie rock loving, gourmet food cooking earth mama....more


    Banshee Crab/ Moon, Silver, Cardinal, Water ...more

    The Hubby Diaries

    This blog provides a lighthearted and entertaining look at my married life.  It provides anecdotal entries that illustrate the absurd disconnect that sometimes exists between the minds of Men & Women...more

    The Idle Mind of Beth

    I'm a (late) 20 something married girl that's trying to figure out life. I think I just need a place to ramble. It could be about our IF journey, could be about the joys of starting our own business, or it could just be random observations on the idiots we all encounter in daily life. I guess we'll all find out together... ...more

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