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    The Intimate Details Wedding Blog

    The Intimate Details Wedding Blog is spreading the 'small wedding gospel.' Christina Friedrichsen, author of Intimate Weddings: Planning a Small Wedding that Fits Your Budget and Style, created the blog to accompany her website ...more

    the journey of a thousand words begins here

    the (sometimes) daily journey of a newly-married woman in her late 20s trying to balance work, time with the husband, entertaining four crazy cats and wanting to start a family. it's a crazy life but ...more

    The KnittingJourneyman Redux

    my personal blog, where I post on everything, family, art, knitting, doll making, relationships, pets, gardening, cooking, who knows what all else.......more

    The Less Than Domestic Goddess

    A lifestyle blog about newlywed failures and successes amongst other things......more

    The Life And Times of Lucy In Da Sky With Diamonds

    Sort of lesbian in the not so city looking for love in, mostly, all the wrong places. Hated by most, feared by some, loved by none. Updated daily. ...more

    The Life of a Firefighter's Wife

    Hi, I'm Katie, and I'm living the crazy life of a firefighter's wife.  I am a wife, an artist, and the mother of three young children.  I occasionally eat good food and try not to kill everything in my garden. ...more

    The life of LB and J

    A blog about a bunch of things - life with my husband and 2 cats, our trying to concieve efforts, and my interests such as cooking and baking, Disney, freebies, sweepstakes... Also product reviews and giveaways coming soon!...more

    The LiL'Devil Mama

    Geek Lover. Graphic Novel addict. Part-time Artistic Hippy. Mama of Batman-aholic and blogging about the good, the bad and the shitastic.

    The Love Idiot

    ♫What is lov ...more

    The Lovely Simulacrum

    I've been exiled to Kansas to pay penance for my many collegiate crimes. I've lived in Moscow and traveled in Ukraine, Lithuania, Uganda, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. I've gone sky-diving and cliff jumping, but I also love to knit and I make a mean grilled cheese.    ...more

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