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    The Lovely Simulacrum

    I've been exiled to Kansas to pay penance for my many collegiate crimes. I've lived in Moscow and traveled in Ukraine, Lithuania, Uganda, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. I've gone sky-diving and cliff jumping, but I also love to knit and I make a mean grilled cheese.    ...more

    The Marriage Checklist

    At The Marriage Checklist, psychiatrist Dr. Ann helps women grow great marriages. She knows that once we decide to take our best steps forward, everything else is icing on the wedding cake! Her approach is spiritual, psychological, and practical....more

    The MaryanneLive Blog

    Great relationships begin within! ...more

    The MFT3 Blog

    This blog is written by our female owned and staffed practice (Marriage & Family Therapy of Trumbull, CT) in order to reach an audience that may be curious about therapy, and to inform them of our services.  It consists of contemporary topics in mental health concerning women, including reportage of events that we are involved with, as well as informing the reader about resources in the media concerning mental health (such as the recent PBS series "This Emotional Life")....more

    The Mind Reels

    Musings on movies, sex, motherhood and yes, infertility. Not necessarily in that order. ...more

    The Modern Mrs. Smith

    Location Orlando United States See map: Google Maps Mrs. Smith is a twenty-three year old full-time creative marketing professional that loves cooking (attempting to), couponing (not-so-extremely) and bargain hunting, traveling, art and design, documentaries, the natural/organic lifestyle and of COURSE Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and Dr. Dre.I’m on a mission to learn the arts of domesticity…and believe me, it IS an art form....more

    The Modfather

    Location United Kingdom See map: Google Maps My name is July 2012 my partner of 5 years ended our relationship (out of the blue), as a result within 24 hours I lost my home and my job and ended up (at the age of 27) moving home with mum and dad. This blog is my rather sarcastic take on starting over, from dealing with heartbreak and fake friends, getting used to leaving the busy life of a Londoner to return to my Lancastrian roots, to arguing with the Job Centre and attending interviews. Feel free to join me on my journey as I drag my sorry backside from rock bottom....and experience what it's like to hav...more

    The Momfia Blog

    @Momfia branching out from twitter and attempting at blogging.   This blog chronicles my life, it isn't here to make anyone else happy. It is as honest as my memory will let it(thanks tequila), as real as my tits(and they are, just to clear that up), and as fucked up as it seems. At the end of the day I am just a single mother, a tequila enthusiast, and a 20-something year old girl who has a knack for bedding every compulsive liar out there....more

    The Mommy Bunch

    The mommy bunch is dedicated to providing useful, meaningful parenting advice, easy meal ideas, and tips for the home or life in general, as well as occasional free products!...more

    The Mommy Diaries

    SAHM to one precious sweet boy.  Super wife to a dashingly handsome police officer.  This blog documents our beautiful, yet sometimes crazy life, as a little family of three.   OH, & I live next to my inlaws...need I say more?!...more

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