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    Una In A Million

    Those who know me personally, know that I have a fondness for alter-egos. An alter-ego is basically a character you pull out of yourself that allows you to do the things your normal self would be too chicken to do. Forgive me for this example but take Beyonce. She has Sasha Fierce when it's time to get crazy on stage. Dr. Jekyll turned into Mr. Hyde when it was time to get psychopathic. Me? I have Spidy Clamburger. ...more

    uncouth heathen

    My name is Linsey and I live in Seattle, Washington with my partner, Janie and our three (very bad) cats. During the day I work in downtown Seattle. During the evening, I work hard for the money. I grew up in Shoreline, Washington, located just north of Seattle. I spent my childhood days swimming in our backyard pool unattended, picking and eating strange berries, blowing things up with firecrackers, putting on elaborate lip sync concerts, playing Super Mario Brothers and watching entirely too much television. ...more

    Unlikey In Love

    The adventure of one woman in the online dating universe. Be afraid. Be very afraid. ...more

    Up Late with Teagan Shepard

    Advice on love, marriage, and relationships. I also do sex toy and adult product reviews and I welcome reader questions....more

    Urban Gypsy

    Five years ago, Tess was your average neurotic wife, mother and accountant, living in not so quiet desperation in the suburbs. Then an old crush came into her life sparking a never quite extinguished passion for love and life. ...more

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