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    A personal blog of a first time mom about life with her daugther, husband and two dogs....more

    Walking The Worng Way Down A One Way Street

    My blog about my search for love at the University of Chicago...more

    wannabe reality superstar

    A personal blog of a 20-something dealing with lifes mishaps triumphs and her own mental illness ...more

    Warding Willis Hill

    I'm Jordan (Ward) Willis. I'm responsible for the upkeep of two hearts- they belong to my husband and our dog, Maggie. This blog chronicles my ordinary life atop Willis Hill- our homestead. I describe myself as quirky, southern, and family oriented. I'm also a redhead. To the MAX!Enjoy....more

    Watching the Wheels

    Watching the Wheels is the personal blog of Kelley Clark: geek, writer, photographer, artist, skeptic, atheist, fan of the Oxford comma, and activist for a secular and sex-positive life. She also enjoys speaking of herself in the third person. ...more

    We are all a bunch of Oxymorons!

    this blog is my first, so it is a bit misguided so far.  It is however, honest, raw and true...check it out! ...more

    We Are The Sea

    The blog of a relatively hip 20-something counting down to 30-something with fervor. Blogging about love, art, crafting, zombies, and all the little nuances of life that cause a girl to freak out. ...more

    We follow sports so you can get the guy -- after all, the way to a man's heart is through the score.

    Most men love sports. Not all women do. But, men love women who can talk a good game. Monday Morning Girlfriend allows you to be the Monday Morning Quarterback, offering you highlights and talking points about the stuff you need to know in the world of sports to add to your "perfect girl" arsenal. After all, the way to a man's heart is through the score....more

    We Keep Choosing Us

    Sharing my thoughts, ideas, rants, raves, feelings, experiences, vices, efforts, obsessions, hopes, fears, faith, love, failures, and achievements with anyone interested in reading the meandering mind and OCD tendencies of Tori. ...more

    We VOW To Inspire

    I’m Laura..Owner of VOW Wedding Consulting & creator of We VOW To Inspire – A Wedding Blog. I’ve worked on weddings for a few years now and all I can say is it’s a true passion of mine. So I decided what better way to help brides who may not be able to hire a wedding planner, but provide my insight and ideas on a wedding blog. Free Advice! Now who wouldn’t go for that....more

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