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    Yasi's Place

    A christian single's personal journal about life, love, fashion and everything else in between. ...more

    Yes I'm Single

    This is where I write stuff about being single in a land of married people.   ...more

    Yes, that really did happen...

    I'm a twenty something serial dater trying to get by in the harsh world of dating.  The stories you read are in fact real (sadly)....more

    You Should Only Know

    You Should Only Know is a blog by Erica Manney about learning how to put on your big-girl pants and entering adulthood. Consider it a “guide for the reluctant adult.” Together we can learn all the stuff that we think that we probably should know, but aren’t sure when we were supposed to learn it. ...more

    Your How To Guide To Living Passionately And Fully Over 40

    Location New York, NY United States See map: Google Maps ...more

    Your Loudspeaker

    I am. Your Loudspeaker. Southern born and bred (in Mississippi, to be exact) I operate by day as a public relations consultant. By night, and admittedly intermittently throughout the day, I masquerade as a success-story-in-the-making, who (not so secretly)aspires to be a writer and attorney. Welcome to my world--revel in my musings. Whether sex, relationships, racism, sexism, poetry or life in general -- I cover it all....more

    Your Single Serving Friend

    Location Baltimore, MD United States See map: Google Maps This blog is about my everyday life.  I am a bipolar individual with borderline personality disorder; I have 2 children that will be 2 and 3 at the end of this month (December 2011) and my life can be a little insane at some times but at points it can be total bliss its fun for me to share my craziness with the rest of the world as I believe it can be fun for you all to read about it!  Hope you enjoy!!...more

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