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    Binary Trash

    Maleesha's computer generated sticky note. ...more

    Biz Growth News

    Biz Growth News, Inspiration, Strategies and Resources To Brand Building And Business Development For Professional Service Firms ...more

    Black Web 2.0

    Black Web 2.0 addresses emerging web trends and how they apply to web properties that target African-Americans and African-American culture. ...more

    Blogger Buster

    Blogger Buster offers blogging tips, tutorials and blog templates for those using the Blogger platform.Find advice about blog customization, blogging, SEO, optimization and so much more! ...more

    Blogging Art and Practice

    I am old enough to remember watching black-and-white television and playing music on a phonograph, when a map was something you unfolded from a glove compartment and searching was something you did with a flashlight, looking for socks under the bed. ...more


    Learn about creative blogging. Information to personalize your blog. I am including information as I learn. For example... Customizing your header: add an image and Adding a Favicon are 2 recent posts. ...more

    Boomer Grandparents Provides humor, life experiences, and information of interest to Baby Boomers experiencing the joys and challenges of living and grandparenting in the 21st century. ...more

    Bread Board

    At Sliced Bread Design, we focus on making products and technology easier to use. Let us help you learn to do it too! ...more

    Brittany Abeijon

      I am a native Chicagoian, but my heart longs for New York.   I work and live in the suburbs, but I play in the city.   I have a infallible passion for writing, and also for my Manfriend.   I am a self-proclaimed fashionista with a weakness for white wine and sushi.   ...more

    Broader Perspective

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