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    Gadget Girl Tips

    Holan, aka Gadget Girl, has worn out many kindles, phones, and anything with an off/on switch while trying to find tips and tricks of technology. She’s the go to person for family and friends on how to get the thingy-a-bob to work or an opinion of the next great thing.Holan’s formal training includes a Bachelor’s in Technology with an emphasis in Graphic Design and a Masters in Technology.With an energetic spirit Holan knows how to turn techie speak into plain English, she’s hoping you’ll enjoy reading her experiences with technology....more

    Gaming Angels - She's Geeky Inc

    GamingAngels is part of the She's Geeky Inc Women's media network. The network is a group of blogs that are all about geeky hobbies. The all female staff writes about comics, tech, sci-fi, pop culture, and gaming for women. We encourage women to go into technology as a career through scholarships and highlighting women that work in the industry. We work to encourage women to enjoy our hobbies as well as bring up when something in our geeky world is offensive to women....more

    Geek Bouteek Blog

    Welcome to the official blog of the Geek Bouteek, an online t-shirt store specializing in cool and funny t-shirts for geeks. Here you’ll find the musings of the collective Geek Bouteek staff on all things from the latest video games to the trials and tribulations of running a t-shirt store on the internet....more

    Geek for the Real Girl

    NO! This site is not just for girls but by a real girl;). But now you may be wondering what this site is all about well let me tell you;). Geek for the Real Girl is a bit of a passion project. I am a huge geek who loves comic books, video games, scifi, tech, science,  you name it. But I am a real girl. That means as much as I love to geek out I have to balance it with my very real life! For example I am not allowed to play World of Warcraft. Why?...more

    Geek Mom Mashup

    Life is a mashup of toys and gadgets, hobbies and recipes, kids and odd socks, all held together with love and duct tape. ...more


    Currently, this blog is not a mommy blog, a baby blog, a pregnancy blog, or even a TTC blog. This is a blog about a pair of geeks who would like to one-up sometime soon, and it's for people out there who enjoy geekdom and geeklets themselves....more

    Geeky Domestic Hippie Living in the Big City

    Location Overland Park, KS United States See map: Google Maps I am a mom, a teacher, a wife, and a writer. I prefer natural parenting and natural living. I am a geek and not afraid to show it. My blog is about my life and all the crazy it entails....more

    Geeky Mom

    Raising children on nothing but brains and gadgets. ...more

    Generation YES - Thoughts on Empowering Students with Technology

    This blog is about ideas to empower youth using technology. We all know that we have to move schools into the 21st century, and that this is a big change to a reluctant system entrenched in the past. We all know that to make big changes in a system, all stakeholders must have a say and be part of the solution. Yet K-12 students are rarely included when we talk about 21st century learning. This digital generation can help, and has much to say -- if we listen.   This blog is about schools and students today working together to make change happen. ...more

    Genome Engineering

    Genome Engineering started in 2010, and monitors the latest changes and updates in genome engineering, aiming to educate and sometimes to entertain. This platform looks to connect people around the world who are interested in genome engineering. It includes news and in-depth features on genome engineering, and practical tips and tricks, as well as the odd light-hearted look at genome engineering....more

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