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    What’s Pars3c about? Space – the human kind, the robotic kind, the star kind. Just whatever strikes my fancy each day. Being a Canadian there will be the obligatory CanCon stuff as well, so you’ll see references to Canadarm and Dextre and Marc Garneau and the like.    How do you pronounce Pars3c?Like this: “PAR-seck”.  A parsec is a measuring stick in astronomical terms: about 3.26 light years, actually....more

    Part Time Pefectionist

    Part Time Perfectionist is a blog about social media, tech,  and living the Gen Y life in the silicon valley....more

    Pat Neuman's Empower Network Blog

    Focused on articles, discussions and articles that improve, add to and enrich both the career and personal life aspects of women entrepreneurs....more

    The blog of a computer geek, animal lover, new vegan, and bleeding heart liberal. My categories include (but are never limited to): animal rights education anti-war GLBT issues human rights local (Columbus, Ohio) media (specifically independent & alternative media) music political technology veganism women's rights ...more

    Pen-Elayne on the Web

    Perls of Wisdom

    Cultivating the spiriting of Technology, Business, and Social Networking in the Silicon Valley ...more

    Daynah's blog about technology and geeky things....more

    Picky Kid App Guide

    Location Seattle, WA United States See map: Google Maps iPad apps reviewed by a 2 year old and me... Since I'm a UX professional, I'm the picky one... (she's the kid)...more


    PictureSoup is the Online Destination for [Your] Photo Imagination. PictureSoup Blog Is... Product Reviews, Commentary, Photo and Business Book Reviews, Techniques, Photoshop Tips, and much more. You'll only read original content on PictureSoup - never posted press releases.  ...more


    pingVision, the designer, developer and host for, specializes in web design and development for Drupal and CivicSpace ...more

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